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Did you know that most homeowners insurance won’t pay for a dead tree that falls on your house? There are lots of reasons to prune a tree or remove it entirely. When you need a tree pruned or removed, it’s important to find a reliable tree removal company. That’s why TrustDALE is proud to welcome Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta to the TrustDALE Circle of Excellence. When you need tree removal, call Appalachian Tree Service.

When to Remove a Tree 

The most critical factor in deciding when to prune or remove a tree is safety. If a tree is threatening your property, it’s important to cut it back or remove it before it causes significant damage. In many instances, if a tree that is already dead falls on your home, your homeowners insurance won’t cover the damage. That’s because insurance companies expect you to be responsible and remove dead trees before they can damage your home.

Sometimes it’s not easy to spot a tree that is sick or dying, especially in the autumn or winter. One warning sign to look for is a tree that is leaning. Typically, a healthy tree should grow straight up or in the direction that gives it the most sunlight. If a tree is leaning, especially compared to the trees around it, it’s a sign that the root system is significantly damaged. A leaning tree is just a strong wind gust away from a possibly catastrophic fall. If a dead tree is too close to your home, it could cause thousands of dollars of damage when it eventually falls.

Another sign that a tree is sick or dying is that its leaves will turn yellow, dry up, and even fall off well before the trees around it. If a tree on your property is losing its leaves while the trees around it are still green, contact Appalachian Tree Service to find out if it poses a risk of collapse.

When to Prune a Tree

Trees need to be pruned for many reasons. The most common reasons are safety, aesthetics, and the health of the tree.

Just because a tree has come too close to your home, your pool, or another structure on your property, it may not need to be removed. Often, pruning a tree to cut back branches that are overhanging or too close is enough.

There are lots of good reasons to cut back branches that are close to your home. Branches that touch or nearly touch your roof can be superhighways for rodents and other pests that would love to find a comfy home in your attic or another part of your home.

Branches that are too close to your roof could scrape against it in a strong wind or storm. As the tree branches scrape, they damage your roof. Rubbing branches can knock loose the coating of protective granules on an asphalt shingle roof, leaving the asphalt susceptible to damage and deterioration from UV rays when the sun shines.

Overhanging branches can also drop leaves, twigs, and other debris. When that debris lays on your roof, it can trap moisture that rots the roof. It can also fill up and clog gutters, leading to further water backups. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to both your roof and your foundation as water pours over clogged gutters and onto the ground.

Even if it is not threatening your home, a tree may need to be pruned for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes a tree can grow in such a way that it blocks a scenic view. While we never advocate removing trees unless it is completely necessary, pruning is often sufficient to win back that gorgeous view. Similarly, some trees can grow well beyond where they started, blocking out sunlight and leaving your backyard cool and dark. A well-planned pruning can often recapture the warmth and glow of the sun without having to remove a tree completely.

Finally, if a tree is sick but not yet dead, pruning can sometimes help return the tree to health. In that case, it may be necessary to contact an arborist to determine the extent of the problem and the best way to prune the tree for optimal results.

Finding the Perfect Tree Service

When you need a tree removed or just pruned, it can be tempting to pull up your favorite search engine and click away. But here at TrustDALE, we’ve seen too many tree removal companies that don’t perform as expected, or who even run scams.

So when you need a tree removal expert, turn to TrustDALE and Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta. As a TrustDALE certified company, Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta has passed Dales 7-point investigative review process. And they are backed by Dale’s trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee.

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