Basic Electrical Safety Tips For Homeowners

Electricity plays an important role in almost everyone's life today. That said it is well worth considering a few basic yet crucial electrical safety tips as a way to stay safe in a world where almost everything runs on electricity.  
For example, appliances are used generously throughout today's modern households. From electric clocks to dishwashers and microwave ovens, electricity literally keeps us going.  
One electrical safety tip worth considering is to only buy appliances that are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved. 
Appliances That Generate Heat 
Equally important is to unplug appliances that are not being used. Storing the cord safely out of the way and out of reach of children and pets can help to prevent an accident or injury.  
When using appliances that generate heat such as televisions or computers it is important to provide adequate space or clearance so that these appliances enjoy good air circulation for cooling.  
Never place appliances such as a television close to drapes or clothing. This may cause overheating and may result in an electrical fire. 
Drip Condensation Or Water 
In addition, homeowners should follow the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions when it comes to operating appliances in the home. Never attempt to upgrade or repair an appliance.  
It is a much better idea to have a professional do the work. Most people today know the danger of having electrical appliances too close to water.  
Always keep electrical appliances as far away as possible from pools, bathtubs, sinks as well as even overhead vent fans that drip condensation or water.  
It is also important to never operate electrical appliance while standing in water or with wet hands. 
Plugged Into The Outlet Firmly 
Electrical cords can present hazards if they are not used correctly. Most experts advise to check electrical cords at regular intervals for any damage, cracks or frayed wires.  
Electrical cords should never be used as pet leashes, clothing lines or anything other than to deliver electricity to appliances or tools.  
When plugging in an electrical cord always make certain that it is plugged into the outlet firmly and securely. A loose cord can easily be pulled out and may even cause an electrical fire. 
Keeping A Home Safe When It Comes To Electricity 
Finally, experts advise homeowners to keep toys, clothing, curtains and anything else that may be combustible away from space heaters, radiators, heating vents and any other type of heat source.  
Common sense can go a long way in keeping a home safe when it comes to electricity. As an added note, homeowners should have an annual inspection performed by an electrician to check for any potential problems.  
This is a way to reduce the chances of having electrical problems down the road. Electricians are well versed in spotting problems before they happen.  
Take the time to explore these basic safety tips to keep your home safe and secure while taking full advantage of all the electricity has to offer.

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