Consumers Will Learn the Key Elements of a Scam to Avoid Disastrous Purchases

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell’s robust career of exposing crooks brings us a culmination of that knowledge in his debut book, Don’t Get Scammed: Get Smart! Coming off the heels of reporting on the tumultuous case of crooked former DeKalb County Sheriff Sidney Dorsey and the murder of his successor, Derwin Brown, Dale moved away from conventional TV reporting in 2007 with a heightened desire to safeguard citizens from scammers and corruption. Witnessing such blatant deception by public officials throughout his career made Dale realize that he could make a bigger impact. In 2009, he created TrustDALE, a free online research and referral site that helps consumers find reputable, honest businesses. Today, he has set his sights on arming the public even further with his new book. Don’t Get Scammed: Get Smart! is a comprehensive and consumer-friendly handbook that shares his seven-step strategy to avoiding swindlers and thieves.

Don’t Get Scammed: Get Smart! is written with prevention in mind. “The goal is for fewer people to end up on the wrong side of the story,” Dale explains. Instead of enduring the financial and emotional stress of engaging with corrupt businesses, Don’t Get Scammed: Get Smart! helps readers learn how to identify a scam and avoid getting involved in the first place. His investigative standard, vetted across numerous businesses, lays down both offensive and defensive tactics for getting the jump on con artists and saving hard-earned money.

For a decade, TrustDALE has been cultivating a community of trust where consumers can learn where to get great products and services at fair prices, and companies can sell those products and services at a fair profit. Don’t Get Scammed: Get Smart! is a continuation of that legacy, empowering consumers with a resource they can revisit in the face of uncertainty. Complete with true-to-life case studies and Dale’s wealth of experience, Don’t Get Scammed: Get Smart! is guaranteed to help readers learn:

  • The elements of a scam
  • How to respond to scammers and the key questions to ask
  • How to define the deal you want
  • How to ensure and authenticate the deal

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Dale's New Book:
Don't Get Scammed: Get Smart!