Companies Are Making Millions off COVID-Era Cancellations

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown everyone’s lives into upheaval. Some people have lost jobs, others have lost business, and many are struggling with things like remote work and school. But amidst all of this economic fallout, some companies are making millions without providing any service. That’s because these companies have canceled their services due to COVID-related concerns, but they aren’t refunding the money they have already received for those services, leaving consumers on the hook for thousands of dollars.

Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music

One company that has been raking in the dough is Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music. During normal times, this company arranges for music students to travel to Europe and play their music throughout the summer. But when the pandemic hit, travel was restricted, and thousands of trips were canceled. And these trips were not cheap. Parents paid around $6,000 per trip. But when the trips were canceled, Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music didn’t refund all of the money. Instead, they pointed to a clause in their contract stating that in the event the company has to cancel, they will retain $2,000 of the original deposit. With thousands of students and canceled tours, Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music is making millions of dollars for trips it isn’t offering.

According to the letter of the law, there’s nothing these parents can do. The contract is clear. But at TrustDALE, we expect more. As families struggle to combat the personal, social, and financial effects of the pandemic, we ask businesses to do what’s right and not leave consumers in the lurch. So we visited the office of Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music. Unfortunately, the lights are off, the door is locked, and no one is answering the phone. But it turns out that this company is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to coronavirus cancellation madness.

Canceled Concerts and Events

Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music is not the only company holding onto money for canceled services and events. Giant vendors who sell tickets to concerts and events are avoiding refunds with shady business practices. As we all know, thousands of concerts, shows, and other events have been canceled as music and theater venues have gone dark. But ticket vendors are avoiding canceling the events because that would mean returning consumers’ money. Instead, they list these events as postponed, as if these various performances will somehow be made up once the pandemic is under control. Of course, there is no way of knowing when that will be or if the performances will ever be made up. But by postponing instead of canceling, these companies are holding onto tens of millions of consumer dollars.

Working With the Right Companies

According to the letter of the law, these companies are within their rights not to refund consumers’ money. But at TrustDALE, we don’t operate like that. We expect companies to do what’s right if they want to earn the public’s trust and business. That’s why we always recommend working with TrustDALE certified businesses who are members of the TrustDALE Circle of Trust. Our business community works with its customers to find the most fair and equitable resolution to any disagreements. And if that doesn’t work, every TrustDALE business is backed by Dale’s trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee.

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