With more people spending more time at home, construction contractors are busier than ever. As people spend time confined to their homes, many are noticing improvements and renovations they would like to make. This has led to a boom for home improvement contractors, but the increase in business is still affected by COVID worries. Many homeowners are wary of having more people in their homes to possibly spread the disease. That’s why it’s more important than ever that home improvement contractors follow all CDC guidelines to keep homeowners and contractors safe. And if communication was always important, it is even more crucial now, when homeowners need to feel safe with contractors in their homes.

TrustDALE Certified Home Renovation Company

One consumer wrote to us to tell us that they had contacted SCI Construction, a TrustDALE certified home improvement company, to do a project in their home. They had set aside the money, drawn up the plans, and were all set to go. But as the COVID pandemic continues to take its toll, these homeowners were nervous about introducing a stranger into their home. Is it really safe to have people working indoors in the space you have to live in? They contacted TrustDALE to learn more, and we were happy to share how SCI Construction and other companies are working to keep workers and customers safe in these unprecedented times.

Enhanced Safety Protocols

The first and most significant step that SCI Construction and other TrustDALE companies are taking is to follow all CDC guidelines. That means wearing masks, observing social distancing, washing hands, and using hand sanitizer as necessary. Contractors are also refraining from any physical contact with homeowners. Before workers can start their day, each one must undergo a temperature scan, and anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID, even without a test, will not be allowed on the worksite.

In addition to following these basic guidelines, these contractors are going above and beyond to ensure the cleanliness and safety of their workers and construction zones. All work areas are cleaned and sanitized at the end of every workday. When the project is complete, SCI Construction offers a third-party service to deep clean and sanitize the entire worksite.

As the homeowner, you have every right to ensure that safety protocols are followed, such as asking someone to fix their face covering if it is not on right. These are unusual times, but with the right safety procedures, you can still hire a great TrustDALE certified home improvement contractor with minimal risk.

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