Creaking Couches - This Could Happen to You

Buying furniture can be an exciting experience, especially when you're looking to invest in luxury pieces like recliners. However, even the most luxurious furniture can come with unexpected problems. This was the case Patricia, who purchased a pair of high-end recliners for her living room. They looked beautiful and seemed comfortable, but unfortunately, they didn't live up to their promise.

Shortly after purchasing the recliners, Patricia began to notice that they were making strange noises and that they weren't as comfortable as she had hoped. She contacted the furniture store where she bought them, hoping for a solution. However, instead of helping her, the store gave her excuses and bizarre recommendations to fix the noise. 

Feeling frustrated and disappointed, she turned to the consumer investigator team at TrustDALE for help. The consumer investigator team helps people resolve disputes with companies that refuse to do the right thing. After hearing the woman's story, TrustDALE went to work, determined to get her the solution she deserved.

Using their legal expertise and consumer advocacy skills, TrustDALE negotiated with the furniture store on the woman's behalf. Thanks to the consumer investigation team, Patricia was able to get the solution she desired. She learned an important lesson about the value of consumer advocacy and how it can help when things don't go as planned. She also learned the importance of researching products and companies before making purchases, to avoid future disappointments.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't hesitate to turn to the TrustDALE consumer investigation team for help. 

TrustDALE is unique in that we don’t just solve problems for consumers who use TrustDALE recommended companies, we will explore opportunities for resolution on your behalf with companies that are not on the website. This is a free service to consumers

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