An oil change should be a pretty simple procedure. Most mechanics suggest having your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Some owners manuals for newer cars have bumped that up to every 5,000 miles. However often you choose to do them, regular oil changes are relatively inexpensive and are some of the most cost-effective preventive measures you can take against long-term damage to your vehicle. So imagine the surprise of one couple when a simple oil change led to a busted engine!

Oil Change Gone Wrong

James and Amanda Davis took their car into a local Pep Boys for a routine oil change. Everything seemed just fine as they drove away. But not long after, their check engine light came on, so they brought the car back in. When the Pep Boys mechanic started the engine, there was a loud knocking noise, and the engine was completely dead. It turns out the oil change had been done wrong, and all of the oil had drained from the engine into the oil pan. Without any oil to lubricate it, the engine was quickly destroyed.

Pep Boys admitted their mistake and said they would take care of the car. But after a full month and a half, the car was still sitting at the Pep Boys shop. They hadn’t done any work at all. Finally, the Pep Boys insurance company sent out an adjuster to take stock of the damage and write the Davises a check for the damage. That was a welcome relief, but they still had no car. They tried to get Pep Boys to cover a rental, but they couldn’t get through to anyone. Phone calls went unanswered, and it seemed like no one took their situation seriously.

That’s when they called TrustDALE.

A Swift Resolution

TrustDALE decided to take the Davises’ complaints to Pep Boys corporate. Very quickly, James and Amanda started to get a lot more information and attention. The Pep Boys senior area manager took a personal interest in their case and promised to get the Davises everything they needed. Here’s what he had to say:

“If we cost you money, I’m going to get you your money. We mess up your car, I’m going to get your car back. You’re without a car? I’m going to get you a rental.”

We appreciate Pep Boys for agreeing, in the end, to make things right. The Davises got their rental and were reimbursed for their costs. But we are a little disappointed that it took our involvement for the Davises to get what they deserved.

If there is a lesson to be learned here, it’s that sometimes you have to take your complaints to the higher-ups. If you are feeling stonewalled by customer support, you can often find some phone numbers for corporate offices online. Be persistent until you reach the right person. The Davises were also able to get more of what they deserved because they had good documentation. Take notes and document every conversation you have.

If you want to make sure you get what you deserve without resorting to a corporate bombardment, use one of the TrustDALE certified mechanics in your area. Every TrustDALE certified business is backed by Dale’s trademark Make-it-Right guarantee™.

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