Hiring an electrical contractor is always the best option when it comes to addressing electrical problems in a residential home.  
That said here are a few simple and important electrical safety tips for homeowners. The first and perhaps most useful tip of all is to simply always respect your breaker box.  
This means that if a breaker ever trips it may be reset one time only. If the breaker trips again, it should not be reset until an electrical contractor has been called. 
Breaker That Keeps Tripping 
When an electrical breaker trips more than one time it means that there is some type of electrical short or electrical problem.  
Conversely, there are instances where the breaker itself may be faulty. However, homeowners can typically not tell the difference and that is why bringing in a professional contractor is always the best option.  
If a breaker keeps tripping multiple times, the end result could be an electrical short that results in a fire. Never take chances and always bring in a professional contractor. 
Causing Electrical Shock 
Equally important is to always avoid throwing water on any type of electrical fire. Water is a known conductor of electricity and may result in an electrical fire growing in size or causing electrical shock.  
The best option to deal with an electrical fire is to simply use a chemical fire extinguisher. Every homeowner should have this type of fire extinguisher on hand and available.  
Periodically check your chemical fire extinguisher to ensure that it is adequately charged and up to date. Nothing is more troubling than reaching for a fire extinguisher to find that it does not work. 
Calling An Electrician 
There are number of electrical problems that can occur in a residential home that may require the assistance of a professional electrical contractor.  
This includes everything from lights that flicker on and off or that trip a circuit breaker to an electrical outlet faceplate that is warm to the touch. These are just a few examples of conditions that warrant calling an electrician.  
Anytime an electrical problem is suspected it is best to turn off the electricity at its source at the breaker box. This should be done while waiting for an electrician to arrive. 
Turn Off The Electricity 
Finally, never use extension cords that have frayed ends or that are wrapped in electrical tape.  
This type of an extension cord should be thrown out and a new one should be purchased. Never overloaded an electrical outlet and always avoid using electrical devices and appliances when water is present.  
For example, never use a radio that is plugged into an electrical outlet on the edge of a bathtub. It could fall in and cause an electrical shock.  
Also worth noting is that if there is ever a flood, homeowners should make it a point to turn off the electricity to the room where the flood has occurred. Consider these simple electrical safety tips to keep your home always safe and secure.

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