A dog is more than just a pet. For many families, a dog is like a member of the family. And like any member of the family we know that you want to keep your dog safe. Of course, along with safety, you have other concerns for your pet. You want your dog to be happy, healthy, and to have as much freedom as possible. One way to let your dog enjoy being outdoors is with hidden dog fences. These fences let your dog enjoy your outdoor spaces safely. It gives them the freedom to roam without the danger of running away or getting loose.

Why Hidden Dog Fences

Hidden dog fences are a great solution for many reasons. First, the fact that they are hidden means that they don’t affect the appearance of your yard. You can landscape your yard or design it in any way you like. You don’t have to worry about putting in obtrusive fencing that might block your views or change the layout of your yard. Because the components of the fence are buried beneath the ground, you will never see them. It also makes it easy for you and other humans to cross the fence. You will never know it’s there.

Some people think that hidden fences are dangerous. But many hidden fences aren’t electrified at all. Instead, you can get a hidden fence that works with a completely safe radio signal. When using this kind of hidden fence there is no risk of accidental electric shock or other harm. This system is completely safe to humans and pets.

Hidden Dog Fences to Keep Your Pet Safe [infographic]

What is a Hidden Dog Fence

There are a few types of hidden dog fences. While some are electrified, we will focus on the non-electrified type of fence. These fences function with a radio signal transmitted through an underground wire that marks the boundary of the fence. When a dog wearing a radio collar approaches the boundary, the collar picks up the signal. The collar then sends a warning sound to the dog. If the dog keeps going, it receives a mild electrical stimulation. The stimulation is not dangerous or painful, but it is slightly uncomfortable.

Your pet will learn to avoid the boundary to avoid the electrical stimulation. Before long, your pet will rarely receive the stimulation at all. Instead, your dog will know where the boundary is and avoid it, without need for the stimulation. If your dog moves too close, the warning sound will be a safe deterrent.

Installing a Hidden Fence

A hidden fence is called “hidden” because it is completely hidden from view. Unlike a regular fence, which runs above ground, a hidden fence is buried beneath your lawn to make it completely invisible. This allows you to set the boundary of your fence anywhere you like. You don’t have to worry about unsightly wires or fences, because you will never see the fence.

If you have decided to go with a hidden fence to save yourself the trouble and appearance of a traditional above ground fence, TrustDALE has you covered. Dale has researched the competition and can recommend one hidden fence manufacturer above all others. DogWatch Hidden Fences has been manufacturing and installing their hidden fences for over 25 years. All of their fences are built and tested at their facility in Massachusetts, which has been their corporate base for over 25 years. No other hidden fence manufacturer can boast the quality, customer service, and competitive pricing that DogWatch can.

Once you have made the smart choice to contact DogWatch Hidden fences, they will come to your home for a free consultation to determine the best configuration of a containment system for you, your pet, and your home. They will then bury a wire underground along the perimeter of your containment area. Once the wire is set up, it will be attached to an FM transmitter placed somewhere safe, like a garage or basement. DogWatch Hidden Fences are the only fences to use superior FM signals, which provide a cleaner, safer signal than the typical AM signal used by the competition. DogWatch will also install both internal and external lightning protection systems.

Lighting Strike Protection

It is important to protect your hidden fencing system and your home from a lightning strike. We know that the safety of your home, your family, and your pets is the most important feature of a hidden fence system. So we make sure that you and your pets, along with your home, are protected from the potential damage caused by a lighting strike close to the ground.

When lighting strikes close to the ground it is naturally attracted to the copper wire that marks the boundary of your hidden fence system. Once lighting has connected with your underground wiring system, that large jolt of electricity will travel quickly through the wires to your home, where it could cause severe damage if not properly contained. The external lighting strike protection used by DogWatch protects your home and acts as a reverse button for the electrical surge caused by lighting.

The main components of their lighting strike protection system are a surge protector and grounding rods. To protect your home, a UL rated, commercial grade surge box is installed outside your home. This box is a main connecting point for your boundary wire, hidden fence system wiring, and two metal grounding rods. The two metal grounding rods are eight feet of steel that send the surge of electricity from a lighting strike safely back into the ground where it can dissipate without causing any damage.

How the Hidden Fence Works

The hidden fence works to protect your pet by creating an invisible boundary around your home. The wire that is buried along the perimeter of your bounded area emits a radio signal that creates two distinct areas. The size of these areas, that is how far they reach out from the buried boundary wire, is adjustable. Most hidden fence manufacturers use an AM radio signal to do this. But AM signals are prone to interference, which can lead to false shocks, scaring and confusing your pet. DogWatch is the ONLY manufacturer to use a clearer FM signal that eliminates false shocks, keeping your pet calm and safe.

To use the hidden fence, your pet needs to be wearing a radio collar. When a pet wearing the radio collar approaches the buried boundary wire, it encounters the first zone, a warning zone. When the collar enters the warning zone it will emit a beeping noise, warning the pet not to go any further. Once the pet is trained with the fence, this will be all that is needed to send your pet back in the other direction.

If the pet wearing the radio collar continues despite the beeping warning tone, it will enter the next area. The next area is the “correction” area. If the pet gets into that area, a mild correction stimulus will be sent to your pet. The stimulus is similar to the static shock you get from walking on a carpet with socks. It is a small, but uncomfortable shock. It is not harmful to your pet, but annoying enough that your pet will learn to avoid it with a little training.

Training Your Pet to Use the Hidden Fence

The boundary of your protected area, where the boundary wire is buried, is marked by flags at first. These flags create a visual signal for the dog, letting it know where not to go. When the dog approaches it hears the warning noise, and if it crosses too close it receives the correction stimulus. Before long, the dog learns to stop when it hears the warning sound to avoid the correction. It also learns where the boundaries are, to avoid them in the first place. Once your pet has learned the boundaries and been accustomed to stopping at the warning sound, the flags can be removed, making your fence completely hidden from view.

It’s clear to see why DogWatch Hidden Fences is the best choice when picking a hidden fence system for your pet. Dale trusts DogWatch and so should you.

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