Your garbage disposal and kitchen sink are two places which need extra attention when it comes to keeping the drains clean.

First of all, never put the cooking grease down your sink. Cooking grease is one of the biggest enemies of drains and can cause a lot of trouble when cleaning the drains. Rather than dump grease down the sink, keep it away from the sink drain and into a container, to be thrown out with the trash.

Secondly, if the kitchen sink pipe gets blocked then run hot water. Running hot water can melt the grease and break down food stuff in the pipes.  If hot water isn't doing the trick, then pour a handful of vinegar and baking soda in the drain. Leave it for some time and then run hot water. Vinegar and baking soda have excellent cleaning properties.  If that isn't strong enough, then Lye based drain cleaners can melt all the scum and grease within minutes.

To clean the garbage disposal, simply pour a cup of white vinegar, run the unit, and then flush it with hot water afterwards.

For the bathroom, a regular cleaning of sink stoppers is important to keep dirt and debris from bunching up and possibly clogging the bathroom sink drain.  In addition, use drain screens in the bathroom so that hair and soap scum doesn't clog the pipes. 

Never flush pads, sanitary napkins, cotton swabs, cigarette butts, tampons or diapers (basically anything and everything that can block the toilet hole) down the toilet. Throw them in the trash, not down the toilet!

Regular cleaning and some extra care can go a long way in keeping your kitchen and bathroom drains in proper working order. Sometimes, however, drainage problems don’t go away with home remedies, and you need a plumbing pro.

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