Increase Your Home’s Value With Outdoor Living

As spring approaches here in the Atlanta area, the desire to spend more time outdoors grows. On each beautiful day or warm night, Atlanta residents are looking for more ways to be outdoors. One great way to experience the outdoors is with outdoor living spaces. Outdoor living spaces are one of the hottest trends today in housing and home sales. So not only can you create a perfect space for your family and friends to enjoy, you can increase your home’s value with outdoor living.

Increase Your Home’s Value With Outdoor Living [infographic]

One of the Hottest New Trends

Outdoor living has always been a pleasure. A classic deck or patio is a great place for a barbecue. Whether you are feeding you family, your friends, the whole block, or just an intimate dinner for two, eating al fresco has never lost its appeal. But times have changed since the days of the simple grill out on the lawn. While there’s never anything wrong with a simple barbecue, many homeowners and home buyers have come to expect more.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular. A recent survey of home buyers found that outdoor living one was one of the main attractions they looked for in a new home. They ranked it even higher than another common trends, the open layout. But outdoor living means more than a simple grill and a picnic table. Outdoor living means bringing all the luxury of your home out into your outdoor spaces. This is achieved through a combination of different arts. While some of these have been around for a very long time, some are newer. Each one requires its own set of skills. And if you are lucky, you can find one company that does it all.


One classic art that is involved in outdoor living is landscaping. Landscaping includes all of your greenery, your trees, flowers, and garden. But it is also more than that. There is a big difference between gardening and landscaping. While gardening may be a part of landscaping, landscaping takes a bigger look at your entire outdoor space. Landscaping includes not just the plants and their maintenance. It includes an overall design that will bring your plants, trees, garden, and grass into a harmonious whole that creates a sum greater than the parts.

Landscaping may include grading, hardscaping, and drainage, as well. It includes not just the plants, but the ground beneath them. It is literally nothing less than the orchestration of your entire outdoor space. So to create and maintain your landscape, you need more than a simple gardener. You need a company, a crew of specialist, who are ready to make your outdoor space shine. Thise may include a designer, an architect, and various craftsmen in addition to experts in gardening and plant care.


Hardscaping is the part of your outdoor living space, and part of your landscape, that is not made of earth and plants. This may include retaining walls, walkways, patios, or stairs. Often hardscaping involves building things out of rock, though sometimes structures may be built of tile or other materials.

Hardscaping is a part of landscaping, but requires a different set of skills than dealing with earth and plants. A hardscape specialist needs to be a craftsman capable of installing stone, brick, and tile, just like a master mason. A hardscape specialist may also be knowledgeable in the installation of gutters, drains, and other features for directing water around a landscape. This all around craftsman complements the other specialists who work with plants.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is more than just a grill station. With an outdoor kitchen, you are bringing the luxury of your home kitchen outside. That means a wonderful grill station, but also cabinets, counters, a bar, seating areas, and more. If it’s built properly, an outdoor kitchen should mean that you don’t have to go in and out of the house to get things. Everything is right there in your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens often include some kind of shade or even rain cover, so you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen in any weather. Sometimes the design even includes an outdoor fireplace to keep you and your guests warm on cooler days.

Finding the Right Company

Outdoor living spaces can be complex to build right. They require a knowledge of many different skills, from design, to gardening, to construction. So it’s not surprising that not every landscaping company is equipped to build your outdoor living dream. If you are ready to install an outdoor living project, large or small, you need to find the right company with the right set of experts.

Luckily, TrustDALE has got your back. TrustDALE has checked out the competition and can enthusiastically recommend two outdoor living companies above all others. These companies have passed Dale’s rigorous 7-Point Investigative Review. They are also backed by their own warranties plus Dale’s Make it Right Guarantee.


Oasis Landscape and Irrigation

Oasis Landscape and Irrigation has been family owned and operated by Keven Paulen since its founding in 1989. It started out as a small business focused on irrigation installation and maintenance. Since then, Oasis Landscape and Irrigation has grown well beyond that initial specialty. While they continue to offer top-notch irrigation services, Oasis Landscape and Irrigation has grown into a full service landscaping company.

Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping design offers installation and maintenance of residential and commercial irrigation systems. In addition, they are a top-notch builder of hardscapes, retaining walls, water features, drainage solutions, outdoor lighting and more. With their expertise, they can create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Outdoor Makeover & Construction

Outdoor Makeover & Construction is a family owned and run business run by Makeover Brothers Navid and Omid Derakhshan. Navid is a biologist trained at Emory University and Omid is a civil engineer trained at Georgia Tech. Together they form the perfect team to create outstanding outdoor living solutions. Their expertise include all aspects of outdoor living design and installation. The Makeover Brothers have years of experience and expertise creating beautiful landscape designs, which they bring to life with excellent landscape installation. They also build irrigation systems and stone work, specialize in outdoor construction, outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, landscape water features, and outdoor lighting for residential and commercial properties.

Outdoor Makeover & Construction is here to work with you to realize your dream, not to push their own. Their expert designers will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect design for your space, needs, and budget. They have years of expertise leading to a fine sense of inspiration, which they combine with your needs to get just the right design. The Makeover Brothers are more than just contractors and so are their employees. Everyone at Outdoor Makeover & Construction also carries a business sense and a dedication to the utmost standards of customer service. They won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

If you are thinking about adding an outdoor living space to your home, TrustDALE has you covered. Whether you are adding a simple patio, an outdoor kitchen, or acres of brand new landscaping, Oasis Landscaping and Irrigation along with Outdoor Makeover & Construction can provide the answer. Their expertise, competitive pricing, and customer service can’t be beat.

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