Winter in Atlanta is highly variable, some days comfortable enough to go without a coat, with temperatures never really falling below fifty degrees. Winter 2017 will be a different story unfortunately, showing not only in Georgia, but for most of the nation a certainly much colder winter than last year's.

Heading into December is where the temperature will start to drop and your thermostat will more than likely go up. Preparing for winter involves preparing whatever heating unit you have in your home for the work it’s set out to do this year.

Properly maintaining your heating unit not only will save you money but will also insure your family stays warm and toasty this coming holiday season.

Discover Atlanta's Top Heating Provider

Established in 1968, R.S Andrews Heating and Air has been serving greater Atlanta for almost 50 years. With a plethora of central heating systems from your choice of gas or electric there is no reason to be worried about the weather this year. Not only does R.S. Andrews install new appliances but also can service every major model and brand of heater.

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, R.S. Andrews is fully committed to giving you the best service and customer service you deserve. Their technician team is the best in the business, drug tested, background checked and North American Technical Excellence certified, the highest level of certificate a tech can receive.

With 24/7 availability, R.S. Andrews has you covered for whatever your household needs this winter.

Choose R.S. Andrews to Warm Up Your Home This Season

Not quite sure if your furnace is up for the job come winter? Proper maintenance is always a priority to ensure that your system functions at the highest level of efficiency. Not only will you save money in the long run but the life of your system will be extended. A system check up can lower your energy costs and keep your equipment in good working order.

R.S. Andrews offers Heating Maintenance for any heating system. With maintenance comes a full check of your system and a thorough cleaning of your furnace or whichever heating unit you may have to find any damaged parts, or just to test the efficiency.

Some signs pointing to a possible repair include reduced effectiveness, undue noise, spike in heating costs or if you see your unit collecting moisture or condensation. R.S Andrews also makes available furnace repairs, either gas or electric, furnace installations and replacements.

Consider All R.S Andrews Heating and Air Has to Offer

If your furnace or boiler hasn’t really benefitted your home in past winters, it could be time to explore the world of heat pumps. Heat pumps can be one of the least expensive ways to heat your space, improving comfort and indoor air quality while significantly reducing heating energy costs.

In winter, it draws warmth from outside and transfers the air inside through a fan system. This electronically powered unit can heat up a building even if temperatures outside are below freezing. R.S. Andrews technicians can easily replace your furnace or whichever heating unit you have, with a heat pump using pipes from the existing central heating system.

Even in the middle of winter, R.S. Andrews keeps its 24 hour emergency heating repair service might you need it, giving more than peace of mind but comfort and reliability you can trust.

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