Unlike painting the interior of a home or standard structure, exterior painting is seldom referred to as a DIY project. Beyond having to deal with the elements (warm/cold and rainy weather) painting the exterior of a structure involves hard manual labor that is not only strenuous but time consuming -- a fact worsened if you lead a hustle-and-bustle lifestyle.

After all, hiring a professional to paint your property’s exterior ensures the job gets done correctly for a paint job that will ideally last for years to come.

If you’re in the market for a quality exterior painting business for your home or business, here’s what you should pay attention to:


What Exterior Painting Can Do For Your Home or Business

Nothing can make an aging home or commercial structure appear more fresh and vibrant like an exterior paint job.

Excess water from years of rain, dirt and debris can all lead to a dull and lifeless looking exterior. This is why choosing a quality exterior painting service -- one that also includes power washing of your siding to remove excess debris before painting -- is key in returning your structure’s exterior to its former glory.

If you’re selling your home, painting the exterior is a perfect way to attract buyers. The same goes for businesses when it comes to attracting customers.


Researching The Best Exterior Painting Services in Your Area

Finding quality exterior painters in Atlanta starts with researching the most reputable companies online. TrustDALE.com features the best local companies, all in one place, covering a wide range of different services.

Companies listed on TrustDALE.com have undergone a thourough 7-point investigative process, which ensures you’ll find only quality services to fit your needs (including exterior painting).

Once you’ve found a few options and reviewed some of their testimonials, you should browse the products they use and ensure they’re licensed exterior painters with proper credentials.


Consider SuperiorPRO Exteriors For Your Exterior Painting Project

If you’re looking for quality exterior painting in Atlanta, you’ll likely come across SuperiorPro Exteriors.

Since 1992, SuperiorPRO has been building an outstanding customer satisfaction referral rating due to their flexibility when it comes to pricing and quality with every painting project (interior or exterior, commercial or residential) no matter the size.

SuperiorPRO puts you (the customer) first by ensuring any exterior paint project is complete to the highest standards based on your schedule. They go above and beyond the approach of their competitors -- enlisting a Job Site Supervisor to every project, who will walk the job with you to ensure your distinct vision is being realized perfectly.

As previously mentioned, SuperiorPRO emphasizes flexibility when it comes to their prices by utilizing industry standard pricing, which allows you to customize your project to fit your budget.


SuperiorPRO Brilliant Approach to Exterior Painting in Atlanta

SuperiorPRO takes every exterior painting project tremendously serious, and opts for a systematic approach to ensure customer satisfaction.

For example, the steps to a typical exterior painting project from SuperiorPRO would look like this:

Step 1 - Wash:

Depending on the preferences noted in your proposal, SuperiorPRO begins every exterior painting project with either a power wash or handwash to remove dirt and debris buildup.

Step 2 - Surface Preparation:

This is when all loose paint is scraped and glossy areas are scuff sanded. Every gap is also caulked to prevent water intrusion.

Step 3 - Paint:

All repaired areas are primed and (only) premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.

Step 4 - Clean:

SuperiorPRO implements daily cleanup, which entails paint chip removal and packing up of all painting materials.

Step 5 - Inspect:

After their own inspection, SuperiorPRO invites you to inspect their work, making sure everything has been done correctly. You’ll then finish the job by filling out a feedback card for the job as a whole and SuperiorPRO's crew.

Dale trusts SuperiorPRO Exteriors! Visit SuperiorPRO Exteriors on TrustDALE.com to learn more.

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