Naturally, cleaning your bathroom consists of wiping down the countertops, sink, toilet and often times your shower/bath and mirrors. Sweeping and mopping your floor afterwards is like second nature in pursuing a cleaner bathroom. But what if you’re actually encouraging the spread of bacteria throughout your so thought clean bathroom, by neglecting to scrub the grout in between your tiles?

Since grout is porous, it easily soaks up and manifests bacteria, fungi and possible viruses. According to the most recent research, there is more bacteria on a square inch of tile and grout than on a square inch of your toilet seat.

That being said, you probably want to break out your trusty cleaning products and get to scrubbing. Only problem is, commercial cleaning products can leave behind a soapy film on your tiles and grout making matters worse. Your best bet to getting your bathroom into pristine condition is to call in the professionals, where they can clean, seal and restore your tiles like new.

Enjoy a bathroom so clean, you can eat off it.

Discover A Deeper Clean

Known all across the U.S. for their residential and commercial hard surface restoration and maintenance, Sir Grout of Atlanta does just that. Specialized in working with tile, grout, wood and stone; Sir Grout offers a solution to clean, shine and protect your hard surfaces without odors or inconvenience.

Sir Grout of Atlanta has been recognized for their astonishing work by many publications like Home Advisor and has even earned a mention for Entrepreneur Magazine's list of Top Franchises and Top New Businesses.

With a promise to make your grout and tile look clean and beautiful again, Sir Grout also offers their own cleaning solution to purchase, ensuring a “like new” appearance each time you use it.

Clean, Seal And Restore

Even the most exquisite tile can appear dull and dirty. As tile and grout are highly absorbent, they can easily be stained and discolored due to the normal wear and tear. That’s why after a thorough cleaning like the one Sir Grout offers, it is imperative to re seal your grout and tile to restore and protect against future foot traffic.

Sir Grout uses its ColorSeal process to recolor grout while making it not only stain and water resistant, but mold and mildew resistant as well. Their ColorSeal formula was designed to last for years and actually has a lifetime guarantee. This odorless cleaner is family and pet safe, but effective enough to cut through dirt and grime.

Sir Grout's cleaner matches your existing grout to keep a 100% uniform color throughout your floor, leaving your grout and tiles looking brighter and better than before.

Tips For Maintaining Your Tile And Grout

To promote the longevity of your newly restored grout and clean tile, Sir Grout recommends staying away from harsh abrasive material like steel wool when cleaning your tile or stone, since it can cause scratches and dull the surface of your floors.

Acid/ammonia based cleaners can affect the color of your grout so look for cleaners without bleach and soap. Last but not least, dry your grout after cleaning with a towel or terry cloth to prevent water stains and possible mildew development.


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