Choosing The Right Electrician in Atlanta

Finding the right electrician is important. There are many questions you’ll have racing through your mind while searching for the perfect one. Will you get the value you’re looking for? Will they have the qualifications and experience? Will they provide a great attitude and encourage communication?

Keeping these questions in mind will help you pick the right electrician for the job and avoid getting burned by the bad seeds out there. You can never be too careful, so hold your expectations high and don’t be afraid to do some research. There are plenty of great electricians in Atlanta.

Not Your Average Electrician

For more than 25 years, Lightning Bug Electric has been serving Atlanta top notch electrical repairs and installations for individuals, families and businesses. EATON and BBB A+ certified, Lightning Bug delivers expert service given by technicians who are background checked, drug tested and who have continued their education and training to be up on the newest electrical code.

Not only does Lighting Bug give $25.00 off of repairs over $125.00, but also gives discounts to firefighters, police officers, military and senior citizens.

Since 2003, their expert service has been available whenever you need either a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair. Lightning Bug has 24/7 experienced contractors available to provide for all of your electrical needs.

A Luminous Look on Lighting

Lightning Bug Electric offers many options for their residential customers, including outdoor lighting for or around your landscape, pool or spa. Outdoor lighting is great not only for increasing your home's value but is excellent in providing home security.

Statistics show that having exterior lighting around the home prevents break ins at night; not only that, but outdoor lighting makes it less likely for you or a loved one to experience an accident or suffer an injury at night in the dark. Lightning Bug Electric has landscape, motion, security and flood lights all at a low voltage to keep you and your home safe.

In addition to enhancing home safety, outdoor lighting looks great anywhere you put them, like around your pool or spa. These lights can be installed in ground, aboveground or even underwater. Lightning Bug contractors care about your electrical safety, that’s why when installing lighting in and around your pool or spa electricians disconnect the circuit to prevent electrocution while using high quality wiring and materials providing a safe and relaxing lighting experience.

Professional Electrical For Your Business

Lightning Bug Electric doesn’t just provide lighting and maintenance for residential areas, but also commercial. Their commercial upkeep includes repairs and installation as well. Just like their residential electricians, Lightning Bug uses the same care and professionalism with the brands and products they use.

You can experience Lightning Bug’s exceptional service with any of the following problems and more including:

  • Ceiling fans

  • Apartment meters

  • Fire / smoke alarms

  • Voice / data wiring

  • Security electrical

  • Broken electrical signs

  • Major circuit hazards

There are also free estimates on rewiring jobs and since Lightning Bug Electric is family owned and operated, you will feel safe and comfortable, just like part of the family.

Dale trusts Lightning Bug Electric. Visit Lightning Bug Electric on to learn more!

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