Many of us know what it’s like to not get what you paid for. This story is a little different. Watch what happened to Helen Thompson after she ordered windows for her family’s home, and you’ll understand why TrustDALE got involved.

Helen Thomas wanted new windows for her family home. She says, “We wanted black windows. Our house was built in the 80s, so we wanted to update our home.” 

She hired a company she says had great online reviews. She told the salesman she wanted black windows, but the salesman had other ideas. He told her, that if she wanted to save money, she could have white windows installed and then have them painted black. That was the avenue Helen chose. After a week, she found out that painting the windows would void the warranty, despite what the salesman told her. 

Helen says that he was “saying one thing, and the corporate office was saying something totally different.” Apparently, the salesman was even offended by her questioning.

Helen says that the company did amend the contract to specify black windows. However, she says they left her in limbo for months by not returning her calls or emails. “This has been a long and tedious process.” She takes time from work during her work days to call, but the only response she gets back is a request to leave a voicemail. She spent a lot of time on this, but she wasn’t getting anywhere.

That is until TrustDale got in touch with the window company’s corporate office. Installers eventually showed up with Helen’s brand new windows six months after she ordered them. 

Helen says: “I’m glad I reached out to you all to help with this whole process. I don’t think I would have been able to have my windows today if it weren’t for TrustDALE.”

Here’s a TrustDALE tip: When you hire a company, insist on what you paid for. Don’t hesitate to hold the company to its written word, or hire one of TrustDALE’s investigative and certified partners at and never risk your spending again.

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