Straight Talk Cell Phone Billing Disaster

Sometimes a great deal turns out to be a total nightmare. And that’s what happened to Rosa Boster with her cell phone company. Years ago, Rosa used StraightTalk Wireless as her cell phone service provider. But long after she stopped using their service, she couldn’t get them to go away. In her words, “it was like fleas!”

Billing Won’t Stop

Rosa stopped using StraightTalk Wireless over a year ago and got a new number and cell phone provider. But she noticed that her credit card was still being billed each month. She called StraightTalk and told them that she had canceled her service. She offered to pay whatever she owed for that month and then to stop billing her. She also told her credit card company to stop paying StraightTalk. But it was like no one was listening. StraightTalk kept billing, and her credit card kept paying! Even worse, when she spoke to StraightTalk, they insisted she was still using her old phone number, which she was not.

StraightTalk Makes an Offer

Rosa was furious that she was being called a thief and a liar, all while StraightTalk was taking her money. So she called TrustDALE for help. We got on the phone with StraightTalk, and eventually, they agreed to get in touch with Rosa. But when they called Rosa, they made her a paltry offer. After a year of incorrect billing, they wanted to give her a refund for three months just to go away. But Rosa is no fool, and she wasn’t going away. She explained to StraightTalk that with TrustDALE on the case, they would be in for some bad press if they held out on her. In the end, they offered to refund some of her money to her credit card and issue the rest as a check to cover the full year. Good going, Rosa! TrustDALE is there for you.

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