Georgia, home to numerous homes, businesses, theme parks, zoos, golf courses and pests. Yes, pests. Some of these creepy crawlers are nothing more than just an annoyance, but some are much more destructive. Take termites for instance; did you know they cause nearly 5 billion dollars in damages to homes and businesses annually across the U.S.?

It’s true. So, if you are finding any insects or rodents in or around your property it may be time to call in the professionals. Being safe rather than sorry can save you more than you know.

Discover Breda Pest Removal Services

Family owned, and serving Metro Atlanta since 1975, Breda Pest Management includes termite prevention, wildlife, pest and mosquito control. Breda Pest uses their Flir infrared camera technology that allows Breda’s technicians to detect anomalies that will remain hidden during a standard ‘visual’ inspection.

Combining their Termatrac technology, Breda can determine if the infestation is active or not. Both devices are non-destructive and is the most advanced technology used in the industry.

Since Breda Pest Management is a member of the Georgia Pest Control Association, you can be sure that Breda and their technicians are highly proficient in the most up to date methods of termite inspection and pest control and technicians participate in ongoing training.

Termite Control With Breda Pest Control Services

With the help of Breda’s infrared technology, termites exact location can be shown as well as their activity and if any damage has already been done.

On the U.S. termite infestation map, Georgia is on the very heavy side. Here are a list of signs and some information homeowners should know and look for while determining if they have a termite infestation or not:

  • Termites live in shelter tubes

  • Termites are blind but look for anything cellulose, soft and palatable

  • Termites mostly swarm in the spring but are active 24/7/365

  • Termites can also swarm when ground temperature is around 70 degrees or after a heavy rain

But the best way to identify a termite problem or not is to call Breda Pest Control Services Atlanta and have their certified technicians make the choice.

Breda Pest Removal Services Atlanta

Breda Pest services inside and outside each time and takes the time to educate their customers on how they can work together to achieve a pest free home.

The first step in any pest control situation is to identify. Breda Pest Control has Entomologists on staff that can identify any type of bug; from ants, roaches, silverfish and bees, Breda can eliminate them all.

Some servicing tips Breda offers to knock out annoying pests are:

  • Quarterly pest service (once every 90 days)

  • Inside and outside serviced each time

  • Same technicians each time

  • No messy baseboard treatments

  • Crack and crevice treatments on interior of home

  • Removing cobwebs inside and out is essential for spider control

  • Providing recommendations for homeowners to assist in a pest free home.

  • If issues continue, Breda comes back out, no charge.

Breda Pest Removal Services Atlanta also offers yard treatments, one time services, yard treatments and quarterly maintenance programs to keep your house and yard protected.

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