Summertime Home Air Conditioning Tips

As summer rapidly approaches there are a few important considerations that must be taken into account regarding home air conditioning. Conscientious homeowners should take the time to consider these simple yet important tips as a way to improve air conditioning and heating system performance. For example, it is always a good idea to avoid allowing the interior of a home to become overly hot. This results in an air conditioner having to work extra hard to cool the home down within a reasonable amount of time.

Change The Air-Conditioning Filter

In most cases air-conditioners are designed to handle only about a 20° change in temperature. Any temperature difference in excess of 20° can put undue stress and strain on a typical HVAC system. Equally important is to change the air-conditioning filter at frequent intervals. Most experts recommend changing the air filter at a minimum four times each year. This not only improves system performance but it also ensures that those indoors will enjoy better air quality. Replacing air-conditioning filters frequently can save energy and system-wide wear and tear.

Clean And Free Of Debris

In addition, keeping all unit components clean is a great way to ensure that an HVAC system does not fail when it is needed the most. Coils should be kept clean and free of debris while any drain lines should be checked for obstructions that may lead to freezing and ultimately a leak. As a note of caution if a drain line has frozen over it is important to turn off the air conditioning compressor as quickly as possible to prevent damage. Another way to improve air conditioning system performance is to configure a home in such a way that the house stays naturally cooler.

Keeping A Home Cool And Shaded

This can be as simple as closing drapes and blinds as well as covering windows that face into the sun. Reflective coating on windows can also help in the same regard. Keeping a home cool and shaded can greatly reduce energy usage and extend the useful life of a typical HVAC system. In fact many experts agree that up to 10% improved performance can be realized by simply following these tips for keeping a home cool. Even planting trees and shrubs in key strategic locations can help to cool a home so that less air-conditioning is needed.

Service Plan Inspections

Finally, one of the easiest ways to ensure that an HVAC or air-conditioning system operates at peak performance when it is needed the most is to have annual home service plan inspections performed. Professionals in the business will check all HVAC system components to ensure that everything is operating normally. Just prior to summer is one of the best times of the year to schedule this type of maintenance. Taking a little time to care for an HVAC system can save money over the long term.

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