Most Americans don’t live in small towns anymore. But we all want to feel like we are part of a small community, a group of people we can trust. That’s why Dale started TrustDALE, so that he could bring you a community of trust in the TrustDALE Community of Trust.

Humble Beginnings

Dale grew up in a small Kentucky coal-mining town. Everyone knew his name, and most people knew a whole lot more. When he and his family had to hire a professional, they knew who they could trust. They hired a plumber who went to church with them. They used a trusted electrician who lived just down the street. All of the businesses and services they needed were a part of their community. That’s the tradition of trustworthy business that Dale was raised on.

Finding a Trustworthy Business

Today, when you need a business or service, the options are almost overwhelming. A simple search online can turn up dozens or even hundreds of companies offering the services you need. Our mailboxes are stuffed with unsolicited ads for all sorts of services. And our inboxes are flooded with questionable providers of goods and services. So where do you find someone you can really trust?

A Community of Trust

Dale worked for decades as an investigative reporter documenting cases of businesses and service providers who had cheated well-meaning consumers. Over and over, Dale saw what happens when a consumer gets mixed up with the wrong kind of business. Most of the time, there were no red flags, no way to see the trouble coming. They didn’t know they were dealing with a scammer or untrustworthy business until it was too late.

That’s why Dale started TrustDALE and the TrustDALE Community of Trust. It was his way of recreating that small-town feel and that personalized level of trust. With TrustDALE, Dale is able to connect honest value-driven businesses with honest value-seeking consumers.

Dale only certifies businesses that he would do business with himself. Each business in the TrustDALE Community of Trust has undergone an intensive 7-point investigation. Dale meets with each business to get to know them personally. He also investigates their past service, customer experiences, qualifications, and certifications.

The Make-it-Right Guarantee

Perhaps the most significant aspect of TrustDALE’s Community of Trust is the trust that both certified businesses and value-seeking consumers have put in Dale. Every TrustDALE certified business has agreed in writing to allow Dale to solve any customer complaints. We call it the $10,000 Make-it-Right Guarantee™. If you hire a TrustDALE certified business and have a problem that you and the business cannot solve together, that business has given Dale the prior authorization to decide how to Make-it-Right. That means a no-hassle resolution to your problem, guaranteed.

To find local TrustDALE certified businesses and to become a member of the TrustDALE Community of Trust, download our TrustDALE Certified Services Guide today.

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