This Home Builder Didn't Want to Fix a Squeaky Floor

When you buy a new home, you expect it to be perfect, or at least to be free of defects. Sometimes there are some mistakes or areas that didn't come out just right. But when that happens, all it should take is a notification from the homeowner to get it fixed. But in this case, not only did the builders refuse to fix the home, they wouldn't even listen to their own contractors!

A Squeaky Problem

Emma Odotei was excited to move into her brand new home. The home included a large, spacious master bedroom. But when she entered the room, she was sorely disappointed. Her brand new bedroom had a noisy problem. No matter where she stepped, the floor squeaked and popped under her feet. It was so bad that Emma knew she could never sleep there. In fact, she was sleeping in a different bedroom just to get some rest.

Although there was an issue with Emma's new home, she knew that it could easily be fixed. She contacted her seller agent, told them about the problem, and expected a quick fix. But the agent suggested that they just drill some screw right through the carpet to fix the noise! Of course, that's not what any responsible builder would do. So when the builder sent contractors out to fix the problem, they all suggested ripping up the carpet to fix the floors. Even though that was the advice of their own contractors, the seller wouldn't budge.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Emma was not going to take her bedroom problem lying down. When the seller agent refused her repeated requests to make it right, she called TrustDALE. As we always do, we first reached out to the business in question, in this case, the seller agent. We asked them politely to fix Emma's floors in the way their contractors suggested. But instead of a polite response, we got a supposed cease contact order, asking us to just go away. But we don't just go away. We ask businesses to make it right. So we continued to press the builder, and after more gentle reminders, the builder came through. We are proud to say that builder finally got a contractor to come to Emma's home, take up her carpet, and make the repairs the right way. Good work, Emma!


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