TrustDALE's Three For Thursday

What you see is all there is, is a term popularized by psychologist Daniel Kahneman to describe the cognitive phenomenon that our brains are wired to believe that the information we have is all the relevant information there is. My favorite example is from the movie Apocalypto, when a pair of rival indigenous central American warriors are fighting to the death and suddenly see the Nina, Pinta and Sana Marina approaching the shore. Everything was about to change. I think we’re living at a volatile time when so many things are susceptible to unfathomable change. Take AI for example. What won’t change? The need for truth, transparency, and fulfillment. TrustDALE represents companies that embody this mantra. Thank you for supporting our community!

Watch this Investigation

Today’s investigation -Rental Car Lockout. Watch because this could happen to you!

Ask Dale

Today’s Ask Dale question comes from Pat, who wants to know if she can take advantage of the cooling off law.  Click the video for the answer.

Today's Lesson On How To Be A Savvy Consumer!

Today's seven-point lesson is on what our friend Jim Murphy calls “Persistence overcoming Resistance.”

Fast - Do they want your money NOW? The horse is usually out of the barn, so persistence has less leverage.
Funds -   Is the investment required relevant to the promised payoff? Persistence aimed at getting the full story will prevent you from falling for a pitch that’s too good to be true.
Found - A person who intends to rip you off will make certain he cannot be found after he gets your money. At this point, persistence will only help you find the person who doesn’t want to be found.
Define – Your deal by comparing Product, Offer and Price. Persistence in fulfilling this evaluation will help you arrive at a fair price.
Ensure - Your deal with an Ethical negotiation, an Equitable contract, and an Effective Guarantee. If these three are in place, persistence will indeed overcome resistance.
Authenticate – Your deal by requesting References, checking reviews, and examining government and watchdog reports. Commit the time to check reviews and references. In other words, be persistent.
Legitimize - your deal by determining if the company has a business license, liability insurance and is Lawsuit and background checked. Sometimes you must visit the courthouse where the company is headquartered to check its lawsuit history. If you can’t afford to lose your investment, it’s worth your drive and time spent at the courthouse.
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