Welcome to TrustDALE's Three For Thursday with Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell.

A few weeks ago, I received a help request from a consumer who wanted to know how to be certain they are paying a fair price. I told him to pursue three quotes and let the vendors know they are competing, (unless the amount of $ is negligible). He told me he had already made the purchase from a non TrustDALE certified vendor, and he was worried he had paid too much. Then I found out he had used TrustDALE successfully before this latest purchase! He had simply forgotten about TrustDALE. Here is my point: Sadly, what I do – protecting you from mistakes and leading you to smart choices, will never go out of style. My new year’s wish is that you will share our TrustDALE community with others, so that I will get fewer emails from people who want my help AFTER they have made a purchasing mistake. Wow, wouldn’t that be a great resolution for 2024?

Watch this Investigation

Today’s investigation - Faulty Fireplace. Watch because this could happen to you!

Ask Dale

Today’s Ask Dale question comes from Dan, who wants to know if the loan offers, he gets through the mail and email are worth pursuing. Guess what I told Dan? Watch the video to find out!

Today's Lesson On How To Be A Savvy Consumer!

Today's seven-point lesson is on the not so simple process of getting three estimates in advance. Fast - Do they want your money NOW? Paing a deposit to hold a product before you have compared is usually not a promising idea.

Funds - Is the investment required relevant to the promised payoff? The promise of savings before you compare is often an unfulfilled promise.
Found - A person who intends to rip you off will make certain he cannot be found after he gets your money. This is why you do not give payment in advance of shopping.
Define – Your deal by comparing Product, Offer and Price. Your best path is to get three estimates.
Ensure - Your deal with an Ethical negotiation, an Equitable contract, and an Effective Guarantee. Price is only one factor to consider. Do not skimp on these three steps!
Authenticate – Your deal by requesting References, checking reviews, and reviewing watchdog reports. Comparing products and prices will not protect you unless you have “authenticated” the source!
Legitimize - Your deal by determining if the company has a business license, liability insurance and is Lawsuit and background searched. Make certain your vendors are playing by the same rules.
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