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I tend to believe good things will stay the same or simply get better. Ok, that’s not a bad world view, but it is a bit pollyannish. Recently, I lost another great friend. His name was Perry.  He lived life to the fullest up to the end, and I believe, passed with no regrets. I recently read that “while it is tempting to view our days as an amusement park with unlimited rides, that’s not true. We have a limited number of tickets to trade in, limited time, and limited opportunities.” Are you maximizing your opportunities? I do my best not to allow fear to rule my choices or behavior. A person who owns a valuable parcel of land probably should not be using it only to sell tomatoes on the weekend, unless perhaps it’s a father who views that practice as valuable bonding time with his son or daughter.  My point? Choose wisely. I’m so glad I get to use my tickets representing value-driven companies, and I can never thank you enough for Trusting Dale.

Watch this Investigation

Today’s investigation - Turbo Tax Ruling. Watch because this could happen to you!

Ask Dale

Today’s Ask Dale question comes from Worth, who wants to know what it will take to get his old phone provider to unlock his phone now that he’s moved to a different provider. Click the video for the answer.

Today's Lesson On How To Be A Savvy Consumer!

Today's seven-point lesson is on dealing with people or companies who have been barred from selling what they just sold you.

Fast - Do they want your money NOW? People barred by law will not necessarily stop, and if you pay them up front, you are more likely to learn that the hard way.
Funds - Is the investment required relevant to the promised payoff? People barred from selling will often have a fire sale to get rid of inventory. If the price is too good to be true, there is a reason!
Found - A person who intends to rip you off will make certain he cannot be found after he gets your money. People who are barred from selling are motivated to make certain they cannot be found.
Define - Your deal by comparing Product, Offer and Price.  Sound transactions ought to be identified through sound shopping and negotiation. Equilibrium often exists where people are playing by the rules.
Ensure - Your deal with an Ethical negotiation, an Equitable contract, and an Effective Guarantee. People who are barred from selling will be cutting one or more of these corners. It is likely what got them in trouble in the first place.
Authenticate - Your deal by requesting References, checking reviews, and reviewing watchdog reports. You ought to be able to protect yourself from people selling illegally by first checking these standards.
Legitimize - Your deal by determining if the company has a business license, liability insurance and is Lawsuit and background searched. Companies barred from selling will most often lose their business license and that loss will usually happen in a court of law. But be warned, prosecution does not ensure enforcement.

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