As more and more people discover the value of having hardwood flooring, they are looking for safe and effective ways of cleaning this beautiful type surface.  
That said here are some simple and easy techniques for cleaning hardwood floors that should not be overlooked. For example, one of the easiest ways to maintain hardwood flooring is to vacuum frequently.  
This is an essential aspect of cleaning this type of surface because it removes grit, dust and dirt. 
Scratch A Flooring Surface And Cause More Damage 
Acting like sandpaper, grit, dirt and dust will slowly wear away a hardwood floor’s finish. Vacuuming actually helps to protect the finish and keep up its appearance.  
As a note of caution, avoid using a vacuum that has a beater brush or rotating brush. This can actually scratch a flooring surface and cause more damage than one might imagine.  
Conversely, a dust mop or a microfiber sweeper can be used in place of a traditional vacuum cleaner. Either way, removing fine grit, sand, dust and dirt can save the day when it comes to protecting a hardwood floor. 
Water Is No Friend Of A Hardwood Floor 
Equally important is to always avoid overspray of furniture polish, hairspray and other similar household products.  
These things can cloud a hardwood-flooring surface and cause it to look dull and unattractive. Any time there is an over spray of hairspray or furniture polish always clean it up immediately with a damp cloth.  
In addition, it is a proven fact that water is no friend of hardwood floors. Water can damage a hardwood-flooring surface and cause it to stain or discolor.  
Always close the windows when it is raining and place protective trays under potted plants. 
Stay Proactive And Cleanup Immediately 
Having entry mats at each entry-door will also help to reduce the amount of water that is tracked indoors when it is raining outside.  
As with water, other types of liquids such as juice, milk, coffee and virtually any other type of liquid can cause similar problems. Stay proactive and cleanup immediately any type of liquid spill that comes into contact with hardwood flooring.  
Along with entryway doormats, long walk-off mats positioned down hallways and across high-traffic areas can also serve to save the finish of a treasured hardwood floor. 
Accent A Décor Tremendously 
Finally, area rugs work great with hardwood type flooring. They are not only attractive and can accent a décor tremendously, but they also serve to protect a floor’s finish.  
Throw rugs are inexpensive, well made and easy to coordinate with virtually any type of interior. It is best to avoid rugs that have a rubber or vinyl backing.  
This can serve to trap moisture and humidity and will ultimately ruin the finish. Water and moisture may also seep into the wood and cause more serious damage that could ultimately result in requiring board replacement. Consider these simple yet important hardwood floor cleaning tips to keep your home always looking great. 

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