It may still be pretty toasty here in the Southeast, but cooler weather is on the way. And after months of blasting the A/C, it will soon be time to fire up the heater. But before you do, make sure to schedule your semi-annual maintenance. It’s never a good idea to wake up your home heating without first making sure that everything is clean and functioning well. We are proud to welcome Zone Home Solutions - HVAC to the TrustDALE Circle of Excellence. Contact them today to schedule your maintenance. Do it now and beat the autumn rush!

Semi-Annual HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to get your HVAC system inspected and maintained twice a year. The first inspection should be in late winter or early spring before you switch on the air conditioner. On their regular maintenance visit Zone Home Solutions will make sure that every part of your air conditioning system is working as it should. They will replace your air filter and even clean your outdoor compressor coils. (Most companies won’t do that.) It’s a service you really can’t do without.

Energy Star reports that 70% of residential cooling systems suffer from improper airflow. That means that 70% of HVAC systems are working harder than they should and doing less. These HVAC systems are using more energy, which equals higher utility bills and more pollution. And in the end, your home isn’t even getting the air conditioning and heating it needs.

Fall Maintenance from Zone Home Solutions

When Zone Home Solutions visits you for your fall maintenance visit, they do a thorough inspection and cleaning.

First, they check your thermostat to make sure it is working. A broken or malfunctioning thermostat means you’re not getting the temperature you want and potentially wasting energy and money.

Zone Home Solutions will also replace your air filters. If you use the standard 1” filters, they will replace them for free. If you use another size or a specialized filter (like a hypoallergenic filter), they’ll replace that too for a small fee.

Every fall inspection also includes a detailed review of the electrical and mechanical components. They will check your blower motors and inspect all electrical systems, both high-voltage and low-voltage. They’ll also take a look at your burners, heat exchanger, and basement vent. Finally, they will inspect for gas leaks that could put your family at risk.

To make sure your system is working correctly, Zone Home Solutions takes subcooling and superheat measurements and checks temperature rise.

If you have a heat pump system, they do additional maintenance. They’ll inspect your outdoor fan motor to make sure it works now and won’t fail when you need it most. Zone Home Solutions also checks on your refrigerant pressure and your compressor to ensure there are no leaks or low pressure. Then they go above and beyond what most companies do and clean your outdoor coils!

Don’t Put Off Maintenance

Some homeowners may think that their system appears to be working and they can forego regular maintenance. Unfortunately, there is no good way to avoid maintenance. The longer your system goes without proper cleaning and inspection, the less well it works, and the more likely it is to break down. Don’t wait until your HVAC system quits on you in the middle of a cold winter. Calling for emergency repairs is always more expensive than routine maintenance. In fact, Zone Home Solutions makes regular maintenance incredibly affordable. You can have year-round peace of mind for just $15 a month for one system. For two systems you’ll only pay $24, or just $30 for three systems!

So there is no reason to wait on your semi-annual maintenance. Be a responsible homeowner and invest in a service that more than pays for itself. Contact Zone Home Solutions - HVAC today!

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