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Maintaining a relationship with a reliable pest control company is an integral part of taking care of your home. Usually, by the time you notice a problem, the bugs or other critters invading your home have already spread through your house and done their damage. Instead, contract with a reliable TrustDALE certified pest control expert to get regular inspections and treatments. That’s the best way to stop infestations before they start. This month, we are proud to welcome Zone Pest Solutions into the TrustDALE circle of excellence. To celebrate, here is our rundown of the top five reasons you should hire a pest control company.

1. Protect Your Health

There are lots of reasons people don’t like pests. Many people find them disgusting, and some can damage your home. But the most important reason to hire a pest control company is to protect your health. Many invading pests carry diseases that can affect your family. They can also contaminate food supplies. Some bugs, like houseflies and cockroaches, feed on decaying organic matter, or even feces, and pick up all sorts of nasty parasites that they can spread to your food. Others, like mice and rats, spread disease in their urine and droppings. A mouse nest is a toxic mess of chewed up matter soaked in toxic mouse urine.

Hiring a reliable pest control service will help prevent infestations that could endanger your health. By taking the right precautions and by catching infestations early, you can keep your family and loved ones safe.

2. Protect Your Home

Besides the damage pests can do to your health, pests can damage your home. Many pests make themselves at home in your house by creating nests or dens. Perhaps the most famously destructive pests are termites. Termites eat away at the wooden structure of your home. The damage they do can compromise the structural integrity of your home, costing thousands of dollars in damage. Rodents who take up residence in your home can build nests by chewing up the materials inside the wall, including insulation and drywall.

An experienced top-notch pest control professional can find pests before they settle into a full-scale home invasion. The small amount you spend on regular inspections could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars repairing preventable damage.

3. Getting to the Source

We’ve all seen that nasty trail of ants and wondered where they were all coming from. Very often, homeowners set traps, lay poison, or take other pest control measured that don’t get to the source of the problem. Roach motels, mouse traps, and bug spray can keep pests out of the areas you see. But they will never completely solve your pest problems. That’s because the types of pest control solutions you can buy at the local home improvement store just aren’t as effective as what the professionals use.

Professional pest control technicians know how to treat your pest problems at their source. They can reach deep into your walls, outside your home, or anywhere else your invaders may be hiding. And that is the only way that you will be able to get rid of your pest infestation once and for all.

4. Identifying and Eliminating the Problem

Getting to the source is great, but it only works if you know exactly what kind of pest you are dealing with. There are hundreds of different pests that can infect your home, each with its own weaknesses. For example, there are several types of ants that can show up in your home. Each type of ant has a different social system and set of behaviors. What works for one type of ant doesn’t work for another.

A skilled pest control expert, like the pest control experts at TrustDALE, can identify the species of pest you are dealing with and treat them accordingly.

5. Save Time

Pest control can be challenging, especially for homeowners who aren’t experts. You may have to try several different methods, from poisons to traps to sprays. In between each attempt, you waste time seeing if the latest strategy has been successful. You could go on for weeks or even months struggling with your infestation.

The top-notch pest control companies in the TrustDALE circle of excellence can find the source of your problem and deal with it quickly. No need for trial and error. These technicians know what the problem is, and they know how to fix it.

If you have an infestation, call a TrustDALE certified pest control company, like Zone Pest Solutions. If you don’t have an infestation, act now to make sure that your home stays pest-free all year round.

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