What Defines Truly Great Home Cleaning?

When it comes to home cleaning, there are lots of options. Some homeowners may hire individuals who have no professional background, often by referral from family or friends. Other homeowners opt for professional services with strict standards and written contracts. However you choose to have your home cleaned, you want to make sure you get the best cleaning. But what goes into a truly great home cleaning?

The Professional Difference

Home cleaning is one area with lots of informal workers. Many homeowners choose these workers for their low prices. But they may be surprised to find that professional home cleaning services have similar competitive pricing while providing much more than the average informal worker.

One advantage of professional services is how you choose to pay. While most informal workers accept cash and checks, it is rare to find one who will accept a credit or debit card. Professional services generally take all sorts of payment, and may even offer payment plans.

Another advantage of professional services is that they investigate all their workers. When you hire an informal worker, even on referral, you can’t be sure who you are letting into your home. While many workers are honest, hard-working people, you run the risk of inviting in a “bad apple”. Some unscrupulous cleaners have been known to steal items from the homes they clean. They could also be “casing” your home, looking for items for an associate to steal when you are not home. While this is uncommon, it is a risk you run with non-professionals. On the other hand, professional cleaners are background checked and risk their employment if any problems should arise.

When you deal with a professional cleaning service, you are also guaranteed that your cleaning will meet a certain standard. Most professional cleaning services have checklists to ensure that every part of your home is cleaned, as defined in your contract with the cleaning company. You know exactly what you are paying for and what you will get.

Attention to Detail

Any house cleaning is only as good as the level of detail the cleaners are committed to. If a cleaner does a great job on some parts of the house but leaves other untouched, you may not be getting your money’s worth. When you hire a professional maid service like It’s Maid Day, a TrustDALE certified business, you have their guarantee that all of the specified areas are cleaned. You have a choice of different cleaning arrangements that are priced by the level of detail. You can choose the type of cleaning you want and get exactly what you pay for.

Often, homeowners want to make sure that a particular area is taken care of. Whether you are looking for clean baseboards, extra attention to window sills and blinds, or any other part of your home, you can arrange with your professional cleaning company to have it covered. Many companies offer extra services for only a slight adjustment in cost. For example, It’s Maid Day will strip your beds, take your dirty linens to the laundry room, and put on crisp new linens for just $3 a bed.

Cleaning Products

The types of products used to clean your home make a difference. Cut-rate cleaners just don’t do the job that top of the line, brand name products do. If you are going to spend money on house cleaning, you want to know that your cleaner is using only the best, most effective, and safest products on your home.

For example, here are some of the products used by It’s Maid Day:

Floor Cleaner - It’s Maid Day uses MB-1, a top of the line product that retails for $36 a gallon. This quality floor cleaner was originally designed for stone surfaces, such as marble and granite. However, it is gentle enough to be used on almost any hard surface that is not affected by water, including hardwood, ceramic, and many types of tile.

Dusting Spray - It’s Maid Day uses Endust Free, a high-end product designed to leave surfaces spotless. It is one of the most expensive sprays, but It’s Maid Day considers it worth the price. It is hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Powder Cleanser  - It’s Maid Day uses Barkeepers Friend, a world famous cleaning agent that works on ceramic, stainless steel, and other non-porous surfaces. It uses a plant-based ingredient called oxalic acid that is found naturally in rhubarb plants. The oxalic acid works on a molecular level to break down lime and rust stains. Then the micro-scrubbing particles work to remove any leftover deposits and to gently polish services.

Clorox Bleach - Clorox brand has been the go-to bleach for millions of families for over a century. It’s Maid Day only uses bleach sparingly. With the homeowner’s permission, they use a bleach and water solution to control mold and remove stubborn stains, giving you an all-around excellent clean.

Of course, it’s not just the products you use that get the perfect clean. The tools you use also have to be of the highest quality. That’s why It’s Maid Day uses Sanitaire commercial-grade vacuums by Electrolux. These vacuums, in combination to odor eliminating vacuum bags and premium allergen filters, get your carpets cleaner than they have ever been. They also care about your home, so they use soft cloth bumpers on all of their vacuums. The bumpers protect your baseboards, furniture, and other property from any accidental scratches or damage from a run-in with a vacuum.

Can Your Cleaner Give You Options?

When you hire a non-professional, chances are you will get one price based on an hourly rate or the size of your home. That’s fine, but it doesn’t provide much flexibility. If you want to get exactly the clean you are looking for, you need more options. This is especially true of special occasion cleanings, like move-in/move-out cleaning or once a year spring cleaning.

With a professional cleaning service, you will usually receive a menu of services. You can choose the package that works for your unique needs, or put together a la carte services for a clean as unique as you. Whatever you choose, you only pay for the service you want, and you know exactly what you are getting. With each service, you receive a checklist of items that will be attended to so you can be sure every detail is covered. And in the rare case that you are unhappy with your clean or something has been missed, you can contact the cleaning company to make it right.

Speaking of making it right, wouldn’t it be nice if you could guarantee that your cleaning company would make it right, no matter what the issue is? With TrustDALE’s Make-it-Right Guarantee, that’s exactly what you get. When you hire a maid service through TrustDALE.com, like It’s Maid Day, you can trust the Dale has done the research. His 7-point investigative review covers every aspect of the business, making sure you get excellent service at a competitive price. But the best part is that every TrustDALE certified business has agreed to TrustDALE’s Make-it-Right Guarantee. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your service and can’t resolve your issue with the business, TrustDALE with work with you to make it right.

Are you ready for the best house cleaning of your life? Dale trusts It’s Maid Day and so can you!

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