Lifetime warranties are great. They give you the peace of mind that should anything go wrong with your product during it’s expected lifetime, the company will cover it. That’s what Peter thought when he bought gutters with a lifetime warranty. But when it came time to rely on the warranty, the business said it wasn’t covered anymore.

Faulty Installation by the Gutter Company

Peter was excited to get new gutters for his home, not in small part because of their excellent lifetime warranty. Peter likes to feel secure in his purchases, and he was glad he could rely on this purchase for many years.

Unfortunately, the gutters were not installed correctly. They were missing some of the flashing that is supposed to prevent  water from the gutters reaching the surface of the house. It’s a critical part of gutter installation, because water that reaches the wooden structure of your home can cause rot and other damage. But in Peter’s case, significant lengths of the gutter were not installed with flashing.

Coverage Denied

Peter was concerned for the safety and stability of his home, but knew he could count on his lifetime warranty. He contacted the company that installed the gutters and told them about his problem. But the company was hesitant to cover his damage. It turns out that the people Peter was talking to were new owners. They bought the business from the people that originally installed Peter’s gutters, and they were hesitant to repair the mistakes of the previous owner. Peter was not making any headway with his complaint, so with nowhere else to turn he contacted TrustDALE for help.

 A Real Lifetime Warranty

After TrustDALE got involved, the gutter company changed its tune. The new owners agreed to honor Peter’s lifetime warranty. They installed new gutters and even paid for a contractor to replace the damaged wood underneath.

We’re glad we could resolve Peter’s gutter problem. But for the problem to occur in the first place, a business had to decline to make it right for their customer. If you want to find contractors and other professionals who will always make it right the first time, search We have listings for professionals and businesses in your area, and they’ve all passed DALE’s rigorous 7-point investigative review process. In addition, every TrustDALE-certified business has agreed to always make it right, and to let Dale decide in case an issue can’t be settled with the customer. And every business is backed by Dale’s trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee.

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