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Serves Nationwide

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Hotels, Etc.

910 Athens Hwy

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Loganville GA, 30052

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"From the very beginning, the staff has been so kind and attentive! I’ve called several times and each time, they help me. Nice getaway and great travel discounts."
- Ashad J.
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Hotels Etc. embarked on its journey in 1996, and in 2005, Shawn Pigg took the helm as CEO. This pivotal change set the stage for what would become one of America's leading discount providers. Based in Loganville, GA, this company prides itself on securing unparalleled deals for our customers across a wide array of sectors. Since the inception, Hotels Etc. has distributed over 4 million membership cards, integrating more than 1,000,000 hotels and offering over 2,000,000 discounts worldwide. Their global footprint now extends across 141 countries, underscoring their commitment to delivering value to their members wherever they are.


Hotels, Etc. members can save up to 70% savings off public rates, a claim they live up to 99.9% of the time. This is due to Hotels, Etc. having  exclusive relationships and advanced technology.

$10,000 Make It Right Guarantee Terms and Conditions for Hotels, Etc.  

Comparison property must be listed on a public Online Travel Agency.

Does not include comparison with private closed user group programs (membership clubs, rewards or loyalty programs, or cash back offers.)

Guarantee is only available within travel destinations that abide by rate parity laws.

The price difference for purchased travel arrangements must be at least 10% and a minimum of $500.

Travel comparison must be an exact comparison including date of search, date of reservation,  property,  amenities, room size, room view, parking, internet, breakfast or any extra added amenities not mentioned.

Guarantee does not include airlines, cruises, car rentals, package deals or group travel.

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Hotels, Etc. is dedicated to securing the finest deals for you, ensuring you can savor life's pleasures without straining your finances. It's straightforward. Our team handles the legwork, compiling everything in one convenient location to make discovering the newest and best offers a breeze. Exclusive to our members' area, you'll find unparalleled discounts unavailable elsewhere, covering travel, shopping, hotels, accommodations, and our newest offerings in wellness and fitness.

Consumer Reviews

From the very beginning, the staff has been so kind and attentive! I’ve called several times and each time, they help me. Nice getaway and great travel discounts.
– Ashad J.
I am very satisfied with my experience with this travel membership club. Shawn Pigg Was patient and very helpful! He was attentive and followed up with me in a timely manner throughout the process. He was able to help my friends and I find tickets to Jamaica for only $570 while on our own we would have paid $850 each. Thanks for your help and I will be using this agency in the future. 1
– Emmanuella
I've now got two different tickets from Hotels Etc both within 3 days of my departure. They literally saved me hundreds of dollars!
– Franchesca R.
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