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"We used our warranty to replace a broken dryer last year. The support team was amazing! We got quick and courteous answers to all of our questions, and the payout was also quite timely. We're definitely renewing our warranty this year!"
- Richard G.
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America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is a Christian-based company founded in 1999 on biblical principles. They offer home warranty services in multiple states across the United States of America. Their warranty is a service agreement between a home owner and APHW that pays toward repair or replacement of covered appliances and home systems that malfunction under normal conditions of use. Their key differential is that they allow the homeowner to choose their own contractor for covered repairs. Their vision is to “To maximize customer value through innovation and the use of technology.”


An excellent way to help your real estate investment maintain its value is to obtain dependable home warranty services from America’s Preferred Home Warranty. Properties can come with many unexpected costs and expenses that may arise at any time, and sometimes during highly inconvenient moments. A protection plan through APHW can assist in managing unexpected financial risks for the homeowner. Customers can choose their deductible amount and payment plan to fit their budgets, plus access to a variety of types of home warranty coverage that fit their property so that they are only paying for the proper level of coverage.


Peace of mind and freedom of choice are two characteristics of the home warranties offered through APHW.  They go above and beyond the competition by being the only home warranty company that gives homeowners the Freedom to Choose their own licensed contractors for covered repairs.  This is important because the contractor works for you, repairs are completed faster, and the overall experience is just better when you are in control!  Home warranty plans through America’s Preferred Home Warranty are the answer to addressing unexpected and potentially disastrous troubles associated with real estate.  Whether you are a realtor or a homeowner, you will most certainly benefit from these products and services through their company.


APHW has taken care to insure their warranty terms and conditions are easy to read; there is no “fine print.” They attempt to reach out to each of their customers to make certain they have a copy of the full warranty agreement with all of the details, and to answer any questions in the early stages of contract coverage. They sincerely desire each of their home warranty customers to understand their coverage and how to obtain prompt remedies when unexpected system failures occur. Their easy claims process puts homeowners in touch with a live person in only minutes, 24/7/365.

Consumer Reviews

We used our warranty to replace a broken dryer last year. The support team was amazing! We got quick and courteous answers to all of our questions, and the payout was also quite timely. We're definitely renewing our warranty this year!
– Richard G.
I called because my kitchen drain was backed up and draining slowly and there was a leak in the drain basket under the sink. It has been very frustrating because we just moved into our home only a few weeks ago and haven’t really used the sink that much. The man I spoke to who started the claim for me was thankfully very patient and calm as I was very frustrated with the situation. He explained the process to me clearly with instructions on what to do. I was able to get a plumber to the house today to fix these issues. The woman who helped me while the contractor was here was efficient and the company was able to cover the services I needed. I liked that I was able to find my own plumber to do the work. I’m really glad that I have this warranty and what I needed done was covered with only the deductible that I was responsible to pay.
– Angela J.
I’m skeptical of most warranty companies. That being said, this warranty was provided with the purchase of our last home & so when it came time to try to make a claim, I thought for sure it was going to be a pain. It wasn’t! In fact, quite the opposite. I was able to use a vendor I trusted & therefore didn’t feel like I was being “taken” and the claim process went smoothly. My claim was approved and to my added delight, our reimbursement was sent directly to our account. I was very pleased with the entire process! Would certainly recommend America’s Preferred Home Warranty.
– Kristie G.
“Always explain what they will cover in a crisis. And the 2 experiences I've had with them is fast turn around on getting you your money back. Thanks!”
– Mike W.
“Overall, a “user-friendly” business that makes it easy to be a customer. Clearly defined conditions with easy to use claim process. From start of a job to end.”
– David A.
“I just bought a house and had an issue. APHW was helpful to explain what coverage I had and what I could get reimbursed for. Definitely recommend getting a home warranty from them!”
– Khym B.
“Emily went the extra mile to ensure we received the correct reimbursement for the HVAC services performed. APHW is great because of great employees like Emily. Can't ask for anything more.”
– Christopher S.
“I would like to take a moment and say thank you. Over the last couple of days I’ve had a pleasant experience with your company and your staff. As a contractor, my experience with some of your competitors has not always been pleasant. In the future, when my clients ask, I will be referring your company. I wanted to thank specifically Alexis, Toni, Andy (I think), and the first gentleman whose name I failed to write down. Everyone has been super friendly and helpful!”
– Weldon R
“I just renewed my home warranty because I loved it so much last year. We had 3 different plumbing issues last year, and every time I called it was super easy to make a claim. Every person I talked to was really understanding about things, and my reimbursements always came within 5 to 7 business days—so I was just really happy with how things worked out.”
– Megan H
“My first claim with #APHW went extremely smoothly...even the contractor said he had never had it go that well. APHW was quick to respond was very helpful, answering all my questions. I was very surprised at how easy the whole process was.”
– Brian P
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