Ask Dale: Avoid Companies Claiming to Settle IRS Debts: Dale's Warning

Published November 6th, 2023

Are you dealing with IRS debt and considering hiring a company to help negotiate on your behalf? Dale has a warning for you. In this video, Dale explains why he urges people to steer clear of IRS debt relief companies. Owing money to the IRS is a bad situation in itself, but paying someone else to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf can sometimes make matters worse. Watch as Dale shares his insights and advice on how to handle your IRS debts responsibly. Stay informed, stay cautious, and remember to always do your research before seeking help with IRS debt relief. #IRSdebt #taxes #IRS #debtrelief #finance #moneymanagement Be sure to subscribe for more financial tips and advice from Dale. #taxes #irs #debt #debtfree