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Landscape Escape

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 10:08 10/02/2018
When a homeowner gives a tree service thousands of dollars for landscaping work and the contractor and the money disappear, she calls TrustDALE for help.

Sandy Springs Flooding

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 15:58 10/03/2018
When citizens decide their county government is not responsive to their needs, they form a new city of their own. Sadly, some are finding out their new government is not doing much better. They called TrustDALE for help.

Mystery Water Bill

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 09:01 10/12/2018
Dealing with a governmental agency can sometimes be slow and cumbersome. See what happens when one resident's water bill starts climbing and climbing and climbing.

Bitcoin Heist

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 12:02 10/19/2018
New forms of money are bringing new forms of crime. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell breaks it down.

Dirty Cleaners

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 14:29 10/29/2018
When a fly by night operation poses as a nationally known floor cleaning company to get inside one lady's home, she sees right away that this could be a scam.

Delta De-Railed

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 07:29 11/06/2018
On this episode, we follow the story of loyalty or the lack of as one loyal customer of a major airline is very disappointed.

Deck Hunt

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 11:08 11/09/2018
A well-built man builds a very weak deck for a homeowner, so we confront the salty contractor to ask about the shoddy work he did and read his unbelievable tweets.

HOA Green Acres

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 11:23 11/15/2018
When the HOA doesn't do its J-O-B, TrustDALE gets results (and a little dirty). Hear the excuses the property management company tried on us.

The Car Title Game

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 13:55 12/03/2018
A car dealership decides to change the rules of a game when they start to lose, but cheaters never win. Find out why.

Roof Shingle Harvest

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 10:51 12/07/2018
You will agree that an insurance company came up with a horrible idea to repair a roof when you hear their proposal. TrustDALE explains what you need to do if your insurance company tries this on you.

Space Invaders

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 11:54 12/18/2018
Annoying telemarketers that contact you on your cell phone are an earthly form of space invaders! Get advice on stopping them.
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