The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do almost everything. One of the most significant changes has been the way we shop and eat. Instead of eating out at restaurants, many consumers are staying home and ordering in. But luckily, you don’t have to settle for cheap, low-quality takeout. Instead, you can now order the finest restaurant-quality meat and seafood for delivery right to your home.

A Pivot In the Age of COVID

Before the pandemic, Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors had a thriving business providing the highest quality meat and seafood to 125 of Atlanta’s finest restaurants. But when the pandemic and resulting quarantine hit, restaurants could no longer do business as they had before. With fewer restaurant owners, the small farmers and fishers they worked with had nowhere to sell their goods. And consumers wouldn’t get the chance to enjoy their products in fine dining restaurants. So Farmers & Fishermen did a COVID-era pivot and decided to make their top-quality ingredients available to the public.


Farmers & Fishermen works with small businesses, small farms, and small fishermen to deliver only the finest products. They formed a community of high-end food producers who cared about the quality of their products. But with a sudden decrease in restaurant orders, these purveyors of fine food had nowhere to sell their product. They had the best meat and seafood, but they didn’t have a way to get their food to the public. So Farmers & Fishermen stepped in and made a game-time decision to keep everyone in business. With a community mindset, they aimed to find a new outlet for the fine meat and seafood they had always brought to market. By opening up their sales to individual consumers, they helped everyone stay afloat during these difficult times.


When you work with meat and seafood, safety is always paramount. Food safety and safe food handling are always the top priority. In the era of COVID, that safety mindset extends to even broader safety measures. When they consider safety, they think about the safety of their workers as well as the expectations of their customers. Workers, packers, and drivers use gloves and masks at all times. Before delivery, every consumer gets a phone call to confirm where the order should be dropped off, often right on their doorstep. Extensive testing of employees also helps ensure a safe working environment for employees and customers.


Farmers & Fishermen prides itself on providing restaurant-quality meats and seafood at consumer-friendly prices. If you can get to a restaurant, you can still cook at home with the best ingredients at a very reasonable price.


It’s not hard to order from Farmers & Fishermen, and they want to make it as simple as possible. You can go onto their website to place an order just as easily as you would do any online shopping. Then one of their operators will call you to confirm your order, and your food will be delivered the very next day. If you want more guidance, you can call their operators, many of whom are chefs themselves. They can answer any questions you may have and make suggestions for products you’ll love. And when you work with a TrustDALE company like Farmers & Fishermen, you can be assured that if anything isn’t working out, they will make it right. And every TrustDALE certified business is also covered by Dale’s trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee.

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