Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Hidden Dog Fences

Keeping your dog in the confines of your yard -- without a fence -- is nearly impossible. Leashes are one solution, though they constrict your dog to only a few feet and can pull and tug on their collars causing choking and discomfort (which, for any smart dog owner, should be a big no-no).


Typical wooden fencing can be an eyesore depending on the layout of your yard. Not to mention, some residential neighborhoods don’t even allow you to construct fencing due to HOA restrictions.


What options are left?


Discover Innovative Hidden Fences

Hidden fences are a safe and innovative way to keep your dogs in the confines of your yard without unsightly wooden fencing or dangerous leashes. How do they work?


Hidden fencing consists of two separate components:


FM Transmitter Wire:

This intuitive wire, which carries a harmless low-level FM signal, is buried underground and spans the perimeter of your yard. This is the key component in achieving a “hidden” fence.



Arguably the most important component to the hidden fence, the receiver-collar is worn by your dog and picks up the FM signal whenever he/she crosses the boundaries of your yard. In doing so, your dog will receive a harmless vibration (or correction) to let them know they’ve wandered off too far.


Where to Find Hidden Fences in Atlanta

Since 1990, DogWatch has been supplying loving dog owners in Metro Atlanta with the highest quality hidden fences.


Beyond the intuitive technology they implement into every hidden fence system, DogWatch has built a reputation for being one of the best Metro Atlanta businesses for customer service. Not only does DogWatch guarantee a 100% success rate for your dog, but they also offer unlimited follow-up visits (free of charge) to ensure your dog will adapt to their new fence, no matter their temperament.


Need more convincing? DogWatch boasts the most competitive prices you’ll find on the market. Most hidden fence suppliers you’ll come across will try to sell you on a low initial price, only to have you emptying your pockets every three months once their unreliable batteries go out.


With DogWatch’s super-reliable battery, you can rest easy knowing it’s guaranteed to last for 2 years (eight times longer than the competition). In other words, DogWatch of Metro Atlanta is the best value.


DogWatch Pet Boundaries For Indoor Use

Your pet might be welcome in most parts of your home, but perhaps there’s a piece of furniture or other specific area you don’t want full of unsightly nuisances like pet dander. Gone are the days of raising your voice to keep your pets out of these specific areas, as DogWatch also supplies both dog and cat owners with effective indoor pet boundaries.


Much like their outdoor hidden fences, DogWatch’s indoor pet containment systems are completely hidden from view and effectively keep your pet from whatever areas of your home you want to make pet-free.


Indoor pet boundaries from DogWatch don’t require professional installation, as the main component of these systems is a portable FM transmitter (as opposed to the FM wire used with their hidden fences) that can be placed anywhere in your home, anytime.


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