Spring is here in the Southeast, and that means time to move outdoors. And nothing is more essential to outdoor living than a great barbecue. Whether you’re an avowed meat eater or a veggie grilling master, cooking and eating outdoors is one of the joys of summer. Some homeowners are content with a small grill on a patio or deck. But as trends move more and more toward outdoor living, many homeowners are kicking it up a notch and installing outdoor kitchens. Not convinced yet? Here are just a few of the benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen in your home. When you’re ready, try these TrustDALE certified landscapers and outdoor architects for your outdoor kitchen.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen [infographic]

1. An Outdoor Kitchen is the Centerpiece of Outdoor Entertaining

Have you considered having some family or friends over for a barbecue this spring and summer? An outdoor kitchen is a whole new way to entertain outdoors. And it’s much more than just a place to put your grill. An outdoor kitchen can include a grill, a stovetop, a refrigerator, and even a wine cooler or beer keg refrigerator. It should also have great storage space for all your outdoor cooking gear. Just like the kitchen inside your home is a gathering place for family and friends, your outdoor kitchen is the center of your outdoor entertainment space.

You can arrange your outdoor entertainment space around your kitchen. Place patio furniture, comfy seats, and picnic tables around the cooking area to complete your kitchen. You can even install heaters, a firepit, and other features to augment your kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is a focal point for your outdoor parties. Some people even install TVs to watch the latest sports or for a fun outdoor movie night.

2. Cooking Outdoors is Cleaner

Why mess up your indoor kitchen when preparing for a party? A messy indoor kitchen can be a hassle to clean. You need to wipe down all the counters, clean the sinks, sweep, and mop the floors. Plus, the steam or smoke from cooking can smell up your whole house and leave residue on surfaces around your stove.

When you cook outdoors, cleanup is a breeze. That’s because a well-designed outdoor kitchen can be hosed down for super quick cleanup. No more wiping, sweeping, and mopping! And those delicious smells from all the cooking will dissipate quickly, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

3. Cooking Outdoors is Healthy

It’s true that an outdoor kitchen can include a stove and even an oven. But the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen is still the grill. And there’s no healthier way to cook your food than on an open fire. As you cook, fats drip off the food instead of collecting in a pan or pot. Your food will be naturally leaner and healthier.

Besides the benefits to the food, there are health benefits to cooking outdoors. Smoke and fumes from cooking can be unhealthy when contained in a small indoor space. But cooking outside is better than any ventilation system. The steam and smoke just blow away, and you don’t have to breathe it in.

There are also health benefits of getting outdoors. Fresh air and sunlight are great for your mental and physical health.

4. An Outdoor Kitchen Increasing Your Home’s Living Space

Installing an outdoor kitchen is like adding a whole new room to your home. It’s another living space that you can use and enjoy. And it doesn’t have to be a space you only enjoy in the summer. An outdoor kitchen can be a 24/7, year-round living space if you plan it right. Thankfully, here in the Southeast, we have relatively mild winters. Add a few outdoor heaters to your kitchen, and you can stay comfortable most of the year.

When designing your kitchen, don’t forget the lighting. The party shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down. You’ll need the right kind of lighting to keep cooking and keep entertaining. That means a combination of bright task lighting for your cooking areas and more subdued ambiance lighting in your entertaining space. If you’re looking for great outdoor lighting design, try one of our excellent TrustDALE certified outdoor lighting experts.

5. An Outdoor Kitchen Adds Resale Value

Outdoor living is hot right now. In fact, in recent polls, many homeowners have rated outdoor living space as an even greater incentive to purchasing than another favorite feature, the open floor plan. While there may be lots of homes on the market with a great floor plan, a beautiful kitchen, and a memorable master bath—all highly desirable features—an outdoor kitchen will make your home stand out from the rest.

Of course, to get the full resale value, not just any outdoor kitchen will do. The highest return on investment comes from a professionally designed outdoor kitchen customized to your home. As with any landscape features, each property is different, so there are no cookie-cutter solutions. When you work with a TrustDALE certified landscaper, you have the benefit of skill and experience. We only certify professionals that Dale would hire himself, so you know you are getting only the best in the business.

6. Reduce Your Utility Bills

Here’s a benefit to outdoor kitchens that you may not have considered. An outdoor kitchen can actually reduce your energy bill. When you cook indoors, all that heat builds up in your kitchen. A kitchen with multiple burners and the oven going can heat up to 10 degrees or more above the temperature of the rest of your home. When that happens, it puts extra strain on your air conditioning system. Taking all of that heat outdoors lets you keep your home cool while still cooking up a storm. It also means that you’re more comfortable as you cook. Wouldn’t you prefer a cool breeze over a stuffy kitchen as you prepare your next feast?

Installing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home and take your outdoor living to the next level. With so many benefits, now is a great time to consider your own outdoor living space. You can start small and build your kitchen over time, or you can go big and build it all at once. 

Whichever method you choose, TrustDALE is here to make sure that you get only the best in service, pricing, warranties, and customer satisfaction. When you use TrustDALE certified vendors, you can relax knowing that Dale has done all the research for you. And should you have a disagreement with the vendor that can’t be settled, you are always protected by Dale’s $10,000 Make It Right Guarantee™.

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