5 Really Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Cleaning is one of those chores that no one really likes, but everyone feels compelled to do. Somehow, it seems like cleaning your own home is just the right thing to do. So before you decide not to hire a professional cleaning service, you have to ask yourself what’s stopping you.

House Cleaning Is a Service You Can and Should Pay For

Many people feel that having a professional clean their home is a luxury of the super-wealthy. It may seem elitist to have someone else come in and do your dirty work (literally). Some people feel uncomfortable watching someone get down on their hands and knees and scrub their toilet. But the truth is, these are professionals. This is what they do, and it’s how they make a living. After all, you don’t feel guilty about going out and letting somebody cook your food. So even though you could probably do the cleaning yourself—although possibly not as effectively—there’s nothing wrong with paying someone to do it for you. And it is actually much more affordable than most people realize.

5 Really Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service [infographic]

1. Professionals Do a Better Job

In most areas of home maintenance, we acknowledge that a professional does it better. Even if you have a DIY spirit, some jobs are just done better by someone with training, experience, and all the right tools. That’s definitely true of house cleaning. A quality cleaner like these TrustDALE certified cleaning services brings their own set of tools and does a much more thorough job than you would.

To do the best cleaning, you need a whole bunch of different sprays, liquids, and cleaning tools. You likely have some toilet cleaner in your home, along with a glass cleaner, a general surface cleaner, and maybe a couple of more specialized cleaning agents. But a professional will bring exactly the right cleaning product for each part of your home. In addition, they will bring all the cloths, dusters, high-end vacuums, and other tools to do an outstanding job.

Besides bringing the right tools, a professional cleaner has experience. This is what they do all day several days a week. They know the best way to get every part of your home spotlessly clean. They also have a better idea than you of precisely what needs cleaning. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

2. A Professional Cleaner is Thorough

When you do your regular cleaning, you are probably leaving out some critical areas. Most homeowners will take the time to clean their toilets and bathroom counters, as well as mopping, vacuuming, and doing a pretty thorough cleaning of kitchen surfaces. But there are some areas you are probably missing.

Did you know that your shower and tub should be thoroughly scrubbed and washed every one to two weeks? A professional will get in there and clean your tub and shower until they sparkle. They have the right tools to get in the grout, around drains, and other tricky spots. And they know how to use them.

Another area homeowners often miss is all the doorknobs, handles, and switches in your home. But those are actually the dirtiest surfaces in your home. They are even dirtier than your toilet, mostly because you clean your toilet a lot more often. Professional cleaners will get all those spots and more.

Then there is all the dusting. Where should you be dusting? Start with all the flat surfaces in your home. That means tabletops, bookshelves, window sills, and other furniture. Then move on to all the items on your shelves. We’re talking about every book, every decorative piece, and every other item that you put you somewhere in your house. Then come the nooks and crannies. That includes the legs of tables and furniture; the frames on photos, art, mirrors, and other hanging pieces; the tops of doorway and window frames; the slats of window blinds; basically every surface in your house. You probably don’t do that every time you clean.

Letting a professional clean your home ensures that nothing gets left out.

3. Deep Cleaning

There are some areas of your home that you might clean from time to time, but rarely get the deep cleaning they deserve.

One part of your home that often gets short shrift is your baseboards. Even if you dust or wipe down your baseboards, you’re not getting everything. To really clean baseboards, you need to get down on your hands and knees and use the right cleaning products plus a soft cloth and lots of elbow grease. Most homeowners have no idea how dirty their baseboards are until they seem them truly clean. Clean baseboards will make your walls and floor look cleaner, too. On the other hand, no matter how much you clean your floors, if the baseboards are dirty, you may not be enjoying the full clean.

Bathrooms get a lot of attention even when homeowners do their own cleaning. Most people assume that the bathroom is one of the filthiest parts of their home, so they dedicate extra time to cleaning it. But how often do you get down and clean all the cracks and crevices? How often do you do a full grout cleaning? Professional cleaners know precisely where to focus their efforts. You will be amazed at how much cleaner your bathroom feels when those hidden spots get the attention they deserve.

Kitchens also need a little more love than most homeowners give them. While the average homeowner wipes down all the surfaces, they may miss spots. Just like a bathroom, kitchens have lots of cracks and tiny openings where food, dirt, and grease can accumulate. You may not even know where to look. But when those hidden spots are clean, you will notice the difference.

4. A Clean House Feels Great

There may be a sense of accomplishment after you do an especially vigorous house cleaning. But most of your cleaning is just a regular chore that you do to keep a clean living space. And when it’s done you just go one making your messes, and don’t really have time to appreciate it. But that’s very different than the experience of hiring a professional cleaner.

Think of it like going out to eat. Often, the food you order is something you could have cooked at home. But the simple fact that someone else is doing the cooking (and the cleanup) makes the experience completely different. In fact, the food may even taste better. The same is true of house cleaning.

Few feelings compare to the feeling of walking into your freshly cleaned home. When you step inside, you smell the clean, fresh air that you only get when all the dust is gone. You look around, and everything is in place. Everywhere you look, every part of your home is immaculate. Take a big breath in and out. That’s the feeling of relaxation that comes from living in a clean home that you didn’t have to clean. That alone is worth the money, especially when you consider that house cleaning is a lot more affordable than most people think.

5. Time is Money

So you could do your own cleaning. It might not be as thorough or as effective as a professional, but you could get away without paying someone. But remember that time is money. There are plenty of ways we spend money to get a little extra time to ourselves. Whether it’s an annual vacation or just a night out, having time to relax is worth a few bucks. The same is true of house cleaning. There are lots of things you could be doing with the time that you might spend cleaning.

Hiring one of these affordable TrustDALE certified house cleaners can give you back time to spend on things you enjoy more than cleaning. Go for a walk with a friend or partner. Read a good book. Go see a movie. However you like to spend your time, hiring professional cleaning help means you have more time to spend. And when you come home, you will find that the time you spend in a clean home feels better than the time you would spend in a messy one.

So if you’re ready to let a professional give you the cleanest home you’ve had in a long time, try one of these TrustDALE certified cleaners in your area. You’ll be glad you did.

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