Unless you're extremely dedicated to eco-friendliness, and choosing to use a bicycle or good ol' walking as your main means of transportation, it's more than likely that you own a motor vehicle.

While owning a vehicle has basically become an unquestionable need for people of all ages -- as a way to get to and from work, school, your child's dance recital, and everything in between -- it does come with a few downsides, the main negative being the inevitable need for automotive repair and maintenance services. 

The automotive services industry has received its fair share of negative attention over the years, and for good reason; many mechanics and repair shops around the country take advantage of the average person's lack of knowledge when it comes to motor vehicles, and will typically charge you an astronomical amount for unnecessary repairs when all you came in for was a simple oil change.

With that said, there are plenty of automotive service shops -- especially in the metro Atlanta area -- who provide reputable, fair, and honest services for their customers. But, how do you find these businesses? All it takes is a bit of knowledge and research, and luckily, by utilizing TrustDALE.com, all of this work is done for you. 

At TrustDALE, we list a wide range of automotive service technicians on our website, all of which have passed our 7-Point Investigative Process to become TrustDALE Certified, ensuring each business you come across on our website is of the highest quality in terms of work, price, and customer service.

In order to assist you with finding the best automotive service businesses in Atlanta, let's explore just some of the most common automotive services people look for:

Oil Changes And More

When it comes to bringing your vehicle to the mechanic, one of the most common reasons is for a simple oil change.

Sadly, finding a vehicle services shop that won't attempt to swindle you out of money by convincing you your car or truck is in need of a slew of unnecessary repairs is next to impossible. Thankfully, finding a business on TrustDALE.com when you're looking for a quick and affordable oil change means you'll never have to worry about being swindled for unnecessary repairs or services again. 

Here's a vehicle maintenance business you can trust when it comes to oil changes in Atlanta:

Havoline Xpress Lube - 

You can trust Havoline Xpress Lube when you need a full service oil change and inspection.  They use only Havoline brand products and they get you in and out fast.  When you want the best protection and performance from your engine, go no further than Havoline Xpress Lube.

There are hundreds of places to have your oil changed. At TrustDALE, we've learned cheaper is almost never better. Dale's investigation finds Havoline xpress Lube is across the board, day in day out, the bottom line best value. Why? Fair pricing ensures they hire trained personnel who truly care about you and your vehicle. This starts with a competitive price, but also includes quality products that protect your vehicle, and keep you OUT of the mechanic's shop.

Havoline xpress Lube stands for quality service at a fair price. This well deserved reputation is the result of first class facilities, quality products, efficiently runs operations, excellent service, and above all, each employee's attitude and commitment to your total satisfaction. Our investigation finds that location after location and time after time, you, the customer, are number one.

Your vehicle is often your lifeline. Havoline Xpress Lube gets it. That's why highly trained mechanics will service your car the right way the first time. They use only top of the line Havoline products and operate with the understanding that your time is supremely valuable. Havoline xpress lube guarantees a clean, welcoming environment. Your experience is double protected by the TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee!

General Automotive Maintenance Services

From transmission repair to engine maintenance, and everything in between; finding the right auto mechanic to provide your vehicle with the best maintenance care is critical to keeping your vehicle running at optimum efficiency for its entire lifespan.

After all, if you're receiving shoddy work from an inexperienced or unqualified mechanic, this could cause more damage to your vehicle and could (in some cases) lead to a vehicle that doesn't run at all. However, with our top-rated auto maintenance business on your side, you never have to worry about receiving the best in automotive care. Here's where you should turn whenever your vehicle is in need of some TLC:

AAMCO Total Car Care - 

AAMCO Total Car Care is the largest transmission repair and service specialist around, with centers all across the United States and Canada.  They are not only the experts on your transmission, but they can diagnose and treat any problems your may have.  AAMCO offers a thorough multi-point inspection, warranties, and repair for your brakes, engine, air conditioning, and more.

You can always find someone who will do something for less, but the TrustDale investigation has discovered that when it comes to car repair, cheaper isn't always better. AAMCO's labor rate is competitive to everyone in the area. Plus, when you select one of our TrustDale certified AAMCO centers, you'll get up to a $100.00 discount off their already low prices.

Shops can save money using lesser quality parts, or by not replacing all the parts necessary for a quality repair. AAMCO builds transmissions so they're fixed right the first time, and they back them with the best warranty in the business. The AAMCOs listed on TrustDale* are doubling AAMCO's market-leading warranty if you ask for it in person or online.

TrustDale is convinced your visit to the listed AAMCOs will be pleasant, and your repair will be efficient and professional. What's more, with nearly 1,000 centers nationwide, AAMCO stands behind your warranty. Each center is committed to giving you prompt, courteous warranty service should you ever need it.

The "double" warranty applies only to the AAMCOs listed on the TrustDale site. If your car is outside AAMCO's standard nationwide warranty, and you've asked for the TD "double" warranty, the work must be performed at the AAMCO where the work was first performed.

Automotive Painting & Detailing Services

While sometimes you may feel the need to spruce up your vehicle with a brand new paint job, some folks simply have no choice but to have their vehicle retouched due to accidents, whether severe or minor.

These types of situations typically lead to vehicle owners panicking at the thought of the astronomical cost associated with these types of services. However, there are a few automotive painting businesses in Atlanta that provide exceptional work at an affordable rate. Here's who Dale trusts for automotive painting and detailing services in Atlanta:

Sentry Body And Painting - 

Sentry Body and Paint is a family owned business specializing in auto body repair and painting.  From major collision repairs to basic windshield replacements, Sentry Body and Paint can handle it.  They are your first choice when you are looking for an auto repair business that is fast, honest, and fairly priced.

The auto body repair shops around Atlanta are very different in price and quality. Sentry is a family owned business that puts your satisfaction first. Their highly skilled team repairs your car back to "as new" condition while doing it at a fair and transparent price. Doing work well at a good price is why they were referred to me, and why I refer you to them.

Our investigation finds Sentry uses only the best OEM and aftermarket parts, and you will always be educated about the difference. They use base coat/clear coat paint just like the factory assembly line. They have employees trained to repair your frame and body to original condition. They repair cars for all the major insurance companies and Sentry works on all makes and models.

Our investigation found most body shops give you a rough estimate for when your job will be completed, and it's just that... really ROUGH. Dale has personally had three vehicles repaired at Sentry, and each time, they finished the job when they said they would. Mike, Ken, and the team know you want your car back as soon as possible, so they get the job done fast and right the first time. What's more, their work is guaranteed for 1-year. With the TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee, you can't lose!

We hope to help you in your search for the best automotive services in Atlanta. If you have any questions about any of the TrustDALE Certified Businesses listed above, please contact TrustDALE today. To nominate a business you think should be listed on our website, click here.

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