Perhaps one of the most important aspects of maintaining the outside of any home is to ensure that the gutters are always clean and free flowing.  
In fact, gutters that become clogged may eventually break, fail and even separate from the house structure. Here are a few simple and important strategies for keeping gutters clean over the long and short term.  
One of the first steps in cleaning gutters is to do a general inspection of the entire gutter network to make certain that there are no broken, missing or defective components. 

Follow The Instructions 

Once this has been accomplished it is simply a matter of beginning the cleaning process.  
One of the easiest ways to clean gutters is to use a pressure washer. This type of power tool can be purchased relatively inexpensively or can even be rented from a hardware store.  
Either way, it is always important to follow the instructions that come with a power washer to avoid damage or injury. Many people become injured each and every year using power washers. 
Using A Pressure Washer 

This is mostly due to the fact that very high-pressure water can break skin and cause serious injury.  
When using a pressure washer to clean gutters it is important to ensure that the gutters are well secured with screws or new spikes. Gutter systems that are not properly attached to a home will separate quickly when hit with the high-pressure water.  
One excellent trick for cleaning gutters with a power washer is to always avoid spraying the gutters at too high of an angle. This is a sure way to blow gutters right off the side of a house. 
Exercise Extreme Caution 

Exercise extreme caution if you are trying to pressure wash gutters that are showing signs of rust or deterioration.  
A high-pressure stream of water can cut right through rusted gutter sections in short order. Fortunately, most of today's modern gutters are made of aluminum. This simply means that they will not rust and will not deteriorate.  
When using a ladder to clean gutters exercise extreme caution and wear protective gear such as goggles and rubber gloves. Taking all necessary precautions will help to prevent injury or an unexpected fall from a ladder. 
Sprayed Under Pressure 

Finally, when using a power washer to clean gutters it is recommended to use some type of mild non-toxic cleaning solution that is usually added to a tank in the pressure washer.  
This cleaner will help to dissolve mold and algae as well as dirt, grime and other types of debris.  
Some pressure washers even have a hot-water function that allows heated water to be sprayed under pressure for more thorough cleaning.  
If using a pressure washer of this type it is important to exercise additional caution so that heated water under pressure does not peel away paint or damage other parts of your home.  
The next time you are ready to clean the gutters around your home consider these simple yet important strategies. 
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