Perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping any residential home in top condition is in keeping the roof in excellent repair. That said one of the most important aspects of maintaining a residential roof is to always put safety first. For example, trying to fix a leaky roof while it is still raining is a sure way to slip and fall. Too many accidents happen each and every year across the country because people fall off of residential roofs.

Wear The Right Type Of Shoes

Play it safe and wait until the roof is dry before ever attempting to do any type of repairs. Better yet, hire a professional who is able to repair a roof safely and securely. Another important consideration when it comes to roof safety is to always wear the right type of shoes that have rubber soles. This is a way to prevent any type of slipping. To be even safer it is best to use some type of harness when working with another person on a roof surface.

Roof Care Program

Another important aspect of good roof maintenance is to always keep the gutters clean. This actually is one of the most common reasons that roof leaks occur. When gutters are backed up, water begins to pool and eventually causes leaks. Regular gutter maintenance should be an integral part of any roof care program. Whether homeowners choose to do the work on their own or hire professionals, enough cannot be said about keeping gutters free of debris that can cause water to back up and pool. Yet another aspect of good roof care is that of dealing with dry rot.

Avoid Dry Rot Related Problems

In most instances dry rot is the direct result of a lack of proper ventilation. Over time dry rot can cause a roof to sag and in many cases it may even collapse. One of the easiest ways to avoid dry rot related problems is to simply install ridge vents in the right locations and at the right frequency. Good ventilation is one of the most vital aspects of proper roof functioning. As an added advantage homeowners can also install wind powered vents on the top of a roof to improve ventilation and airflow.

Ensure Good Roof Operation

Finally, homeowners should also know that roof boots must be replaced and repaired at regular intervals to ensure good roof performance. Flashing, roof boots and other similar components of a roof must be inspected and repaired as necessary. When these components are allowed to degrade or fail they eventually will cause leaks and create far more expensive water related damage. Work with your roofing professional to ensure that your roof is always maintained in the best condition possible at all times. This ultimately saves money, time and trouble over the long run. Visit Dr. Roof on for the very best in quality roof inspections, repair and maintenance related services.

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