What Atlanta Homeowners Need to Know About Cleaning Gutters this Fall

This glorious season is nicknamed “Fall” for a good reason. Because much of Atlanta is still heavily forested, the falling leaves can cause trouble when they settle on your roof and in your gutters. Greg Jones from Advanced Pressure and Gutter http://www.advancedpressureandgutter.com shares how his company can help you avoid the debris and subsequent damage to your home.

According to Greg, leaves are starting to fall now and will continue to fall until mid-December. Some homeowners like to get ahead and have the gutters cleaned before the debris falls so that the house has an open gutter system; however, Greg says that it’s a good idea to “wait until all the debris has settled down, then have the gutters cleaned; generally around the second or third week of December, but still before the holidays. That way, they’re getting the debris gone after the leaf season has peaked.”

What does having a gutter cleaning entail? At Advanced Pressure and Gutter, the gutter cleaners are a 2-man crew that are employed by the company, and are fully licensed and insured. They use a rope and harness method to scale the roof and gutters. The cleaning is conducted from the top down, meaning the crew starts by blowing off the top of the roof and cleans downward to the valleys, clearing all the debris that is on the roof.  They then clean out the gutters, making sure that they are pitched and secured properly. Downspouts are cleared so that they will be open to water flow.  Greg warns, “the weight of the leaf and limb debris can pull the gutters away from the home; it’s actually hard to tell from the ground, but the water from the roof will go behind the gutters, and that’s when you end up with rotted fascia board and soffits, and possibly the window frames.” These repairs are costly, and can be prevented by making sure the gutters are cleaned, pitched properly and secured to the roof.  By doing this simple preventive maintenance, you can head off costly carpentry work in the future.

Advance Pressure and Gutter http://www.advancedpressureandgutter.com warranties their work for 30 days after the cleaning to make sure 100% of the debris is out of the gutters and downspouts. They’ll also blow off the patios and decks and driveways, and remove all the debris and leave the home looking nice, with no mess for the homeowners to clean up. They’ll spend as much time cleaning up as they do cleaning out the gutters. It’s top-to-bottom service!

Greg recommends that gutters and downspouts be cleaned at least once a year after the fall debris; however, 2 times a year is optimal in any home in metro ATL area. In the fall, pine trees, white oaks, and other hardwoods lose their leaves; in the spring, storms blooms put a lot of debris on the roof, and twigs and branches clog the downspouts. Ideally, for proper maintenance, the best time in Atlanta to have gutters cleaned is in December or January, and then again in April or May.

Advanced Pressure and Gutter has maintenance plans that fit any budget. Let us help you maintain one of your home’s most valuable assets. Check our listing at Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning for more info and a $20 off coupon for first-time customers!

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