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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *How to Choose Siding & Roof Colors

Your home is a place for you to be proud of. You want to make sure it's presented in the best possible way on the inside and on the outside. The colors you choose for the siding and roof of your home will make a big difference in how it looks to others. For the most part, the colors you choose can be based on your preferences. Whenever possible, you should get the input of your family before choosing the colors to make sure everyone is happy with the final result.


  1. Think about your area when choosing the siding color. In most areas, the color should be darker, typically gray or brown. The exception is very hot areas, where a lighter color can help keep your house cool.
  1. Avoid siding colors that are predominantly a color other than gray or brown. For example, if you see a color and automatically think "blue" or "green," then you probably won't be happy with that color siding for your house. On a large surface, like a house, the blue or green tint will be overwhelming. These bolder colors should be saved for accent colors on trim and shutters.
  1. Coordinate the roof colors with your siding colors. Since your siding is more prominent, you should choose that color first. But if your roof is visible, then you need to make sure these colors don't clash. Warmer siding colors should be paired with a brown roof, and cooler tones should be accompanied by a dark gray roof. Warm colors are usually brown or beige and can have a tint of red or orange, while cool colors are typically gray or gray with a tint of green or blue.
  1. Examine your chosen colors on a large sample. Avoid making the final decision based on a small paint chip. Look at the large samples in the sunlight outside your house. Walk the samples around your house so you can see what they look like in different lights. Compare your samples during different times of day when the light changes. Make sure they look good together at all times of the day and night.

*Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_6722850_choose-siding-roof-colors.html

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