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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Backyard Deck

Most homeowners take full advantage of their backyard deck during Spring and Summer. The perfect place to relax with friends during a barbecue while keeping an eye on the kids in the pool, many backyard decks get cleaned up and then remain relatively untouched and unused during the colder months of Fall and Winter. Although you may not spend much time back there in the thick of winter, decorating your backyard deck for Christmas will add some added seasonal flair to your home. Here are some festive ways to decorate your home this Christmas.
  1. Garland. Stringing natural green, gold or silver garland in between the posts and railings of your backyard deck will give that area of your home a very fun and pretty holiday appearance. You can hang weatherproof Christmas ornaments in intermittent spaces on the garland for more decorating fun.
  2. Chiminea. If you have been considering purchasing a chiminea for your backyard deck, take advantage of the reduced prices during the Fall to do so. Lighting a chiminea on your back deck during your Christmas parties and celebrations will give the backyard a cozy look and look very warm and inviting when viewed through the windows and sliding glass doors.
  3. Christmas Wreaths. Hanging one or several evergreen or pine cone Christmas wreaths on your backyard deck will quickly and easily bring some holiday beauty to the rear of your home.
  4. Cardinals. Many people count the beautiful, red birds as one of their favorite symbols of Winter. Placing several cardinal statues on your backyard deck will bring a smile to your face when you look out the window onto the deck on a frigid, cold winter day.
  5. Christmas Tree. A simply decorated Christmas tree set up in the corner will give your backyard deck some real holiday spirit. An artificial tree can be decorated and kept outdoors as long as the weather remains clear. A better option is to purchase a smaller, second live tree when purchasing your family's indoor Christmas tree and decorating it with Christmas decorations that will not be damaged by rain or snow.

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