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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *New Ideas for Backyard Games

The nice weather brings many opportunities to play games outdoors. Many outdoor standards, including tag, bocce ball and water-balloon toss, can seem outdated by the time the last days of summer roll around. Keep things fresh and get your whole family involved with this unusual outdoor game!

While this game will just seem like a fun way to help while away the spring/summer days outdoors, it also works on fine and gross motor skills. Younger children will be learning about cooperative play, competitiveness and team building. And best of all, the whole family will be having fun!


Squareball is an alternative way to use your bocce balls to add some variety to a tried and true fun yard game that is seen outdoors all summer long. To play squareball, you need 6 bocce balls (3 of each color), ropes or straps and stakes to keep the ropes in place. To set up, you need to create a 7-by-7-foot square playing area and a throwing area about 12 feet away. Players (or teams) take turns throwing their balls towards the square playing area. The main goal of this game is to "capture" your opponent's balls between a triangle of your balls and avoid being captured by your opponent. The game is played to 15, and there are a few ways to score.

  • 3 Points are awarded for each opponent's ball captured in a triangle by your balls
  • 2 Points are awarded for each ball that avoids enemy capture
  • 2 Points are awarded for landing your ball between two enemy balls
  • 1 Point for every enemy ball captured in one of your "V's"
  • 1 Point for every ball that lands in the playing square


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