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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *How to Save Money on Utility Bills This Winter

It Doesn't Always Take Money to Save Money

You do not have to spend a bunch of money to cut your heating costs. Below you will find tips on how to save money on energy bills without breaking the bank. Each tip should cost from nothing to very little. Follow these ideas that all of us should have thought of a decade ago, and say good-bye to shocking heating bills.

  1. Close any vents going to rooms that are not used regularly. That guest room that sits empty when you don't have any guests? Close the door and the vents. Doing so can easily cut 100-200 square feet off of your energy footprint.
  2. Put weather stripping around windows and doors. Weather stripping helps quite a bit, especially in older homes. You'd be surprised how the seals around your doors and windows can deteriorate over time.
  3. Cover up the attic entry with plastic, pieces of insulation, old blankets, weather stripping, saran wrap, painter drop cloth, or even a few old shirts. Any of it will help to slow, if not, stop, the drafts and warm air from floating away through your roof. Heat rises and may be getting pulled right up through the attic so you may not notice a cold draft even though your expensive hot air is floating away.

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