When it comes to consumer advocacy companies that offer detailed business reviews, TrustDale.com has become a successful and well-respected company. Dale Cardwell Is the driving force behind TrustDale.com. Dale brings to the table an impressive history that includes being a six-time Emmy award-winning investigative reporter. Having spent over three decades exposing fraud and business scams as well as political corruption, Dale is an investigative force to be reckoned with. His most notable forte is that of helping consumers to become their own highly informed advocate.

Hands-On Investigative Reporter

With a wide spanning career that can be traced back to the 1980s, Dale Cardwell has uncovered and exposed many important events around the world over the years. As a true hands-on investigative reporter, he has worked for multiple television stations in large television markets. In the 1990s, Dale teamed up with Clark Howard another consumer advocate. In collaboration they created one of the country's top consumer reporting teams. This impressive team went on to win multiple awards for outstanding business reporting.

Addressing Government Waste

Over the years Dale has achieved recognition and has received a number of awards because of his expert reporting on financial scams. Through clearly defined reporting, he is been able to systematically take apart many financial investments that have been too good to be true, so to speak. In addition, when it comes to addressing government waste and confronting political corruption, few other investigative reporters deliver such an in-depth level of investigation. From taxpayer abuse to political donation corruption and a wide range of other scams and fraudulent schemes, Dale has effectively changed the landscape in terms of fighting runaway government waste and unfettered political corruption.

List Of Accomplishments

As a true advocate of the consumer, Dale Cardwell has targeted financial special interest groups and corporate groups who routinely abuse the system. Most notably, he has been credited with rejecting any contributions from political action committees or PACs. The list of accomplishments is long and exhaustive when it comes to Dale and all he has done over the years. That said the launch of TrustDale.com was a logical progression for an individual who is driven by the truth. In 2009 the website was launched as a way to help consumers make more informed and better decisions in terms of home services and the hiring of home service professionals.

Instrumental In Helping Consumers

As a true digital consumer solution website, TrustDale.com has been and will continue to be instrumental in helping consumers throughout Atlanta and other key cities to save money when contracting home services. Most impressive of all is that TrustDale.com has now expanded into television, online videos and radio broadcasts. All this is being made available to consumers throughout Atlanta, Dallas, Birmingham and Tampa.

As a free online resource for consumers, TrustDale.com is simply beyond compare. Only businesses meeting stringent standards are eligible to become certified with TrustDale.com. 

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Dale's New Book:
Don't Get Scammed: Get Smart!