Help Us Put the Bad Guys Out of Business

You know as the place to go to find the best and most reliable service providers in your area. But do you know how it all started and what our real goal is? You can help us put the bad guys out of business!

Where It All Started

Dale has been reporting since the 1980s and has won six Emmy awards for his journalism. In 1996 Dale started working with Clark Howard at WSB-TV in Atlanta. Together they were a consumer reporting powerhouse, winning multiple awards for their reporting.

But something was missing.

Dale uncovered plenty of “too good to be true” schemes and exposed the businesses and individuals responsible. Over and over again he found the crooks and the cheaters. But for all his hard work, the people who were getting cheated were almost never being made whole.

To make matters worse, Dale began to see patterns. People were being scammed in the same ways over and over again. They were making preventable mistakes that were costing them money and heartache.

Dale knew he had to do something.

The Beginning of

Dale decided that he could help consumers avoid those costly mistakes by creating a system that would guide consumers to only the very best companies. That’s precisely what does. TrustDALE matches value-seeking consumers with value-driven companies.

To ensure that the businesses he was recommending were providing the best service and the best value,  Dale created a 7-step investigative process. By undertaking this rigorous review on consumers’ behalf, Dale has saved consumers countless hours of research and untold money and headaches resulting from bad deals.

The Very Best Guarantee

To ensure that consumers using TrustDALE certified businesses were always getting the very best service, Dale created his trademark Make-it-Right Guarantee™. 

This is the absolute best guarantee in the market.

That’s because this is not a guarantee by any one company. Usually, no matter how good a company’s warranty or other guarantee is, if you run into problems, the company is in control of the redress process. It’s their policies and their contracts that guide the process. But not with the Make-it-Right Guarantee™.

When a company becomes TrustDALE certified, they agree to let Dale decide the best way for them to make it right. If you are unsatisfied with a TrustDALE certified company’s service or product, your first stop is with the company. TrustDALE certified companies are value-driven and have excellent customer service, so they can almost always get you to a satisfactory resolution.  But if you’ve gone through their process and still aren’t satisfied, the company has already agreed to let Dale determine the best way to make it right. And they are contractually obligated to follow Dale’s suggestion. That gives you two layers of excellent satisfaction guarantees.

Let’s Put the Bad Guys Out of Business

TrustDALE has succeeded in creating a community of trust where consumers can find the best companies to do business with and trust that they will do everything they can to make the customer satisfied.

But there are still bad actors out there.

That’s where the next step comes in. At TrustDALE, we want to grow our community of trust. That means more consumers who know about TrustDALE and more businesses who really, truly agree to always make it right. But it’s not just about growth for its own sake.

We want to grow our community of trust until there’s no room left for the bad guys. Let’s put them out of business for good!

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