The weather is starting to change, and the leaves are beginning to fall. But it’s still a great time to build a deck. A deck is a wonderful addition to any home or business and offers benefits year-round. Plus, adding a deck at the end of summer is a great way to avoid the busy building season. Here at TrustDALE, we are proud to welcome S.C.I Decks to the TrustDALE Circle of Excellence. There’s no time like the present to add a new deck, and there is no business like S.C.I. Decks. They’ll take care of you from start to finish with excellent customer service and highly competitive pricing. Plus, they are backed by Dale’s $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee!

When Is the Best Time to Add a Deck?

As spring breaks through the winter chill and Atlantas start spending more time outdoors, it may seem like the perfect time to start upgrading your outdoor spaces. However, springtime is not always the best time to add a deck. It’s true that the weather is heating up and it’s a perfect time to get outdoors, but you’re not the only one with that idea.

Lots of construction services, from roofing to landscaping to Decks, all see a boom in the spring and summer months. That can mean long waits to get your project started, and sometimes even higher prices. So if you’re considering adding a deck, don’t just think about the season that has already begun. Instead, have some patience and some foresight and schedule your construction when demand is lower.

Building a deck as summer is ending may seem like a weird idea, but a deck is not a temporary structure. The deck you build in the fall months will be ready to go as soon as spring hits in just a few short months. Plus, here in Atlanta, the average high temperature remains in the mid-70s all the way through October. So don’t let Labor Day artificially curtail your summer fun.

Why Add A Deck?

If you’ve considered adding a deck, you probably already have some idea about why you want one and what you can do with it. But here are a few great reasons why adding a deck is always a good idea.

1. A Deck Increases the Value of Your Home

Two significant factors affect the selling price of a home. The first is the actual quality of the house. A renovated kitchen, luxurious master suite, and open floor plan all contribute to a modern home’s appeal. But outdoor living is also one of the hottest trends right now in the housing market. So when you add a deck, you are adding a highly sought after feature that homebuyers love. The second factor in selling price is how long it stays on the market. Even a beautiful home can lose value if it stays on the market for too long. Selling a home quickly is all about curb appeal and first impressions. When a potential buyer notices a high-quality deck, the home immediately stands out, and that first impression may make the difference between an instant offer and a prolonged waiting period.

2. Added Living Space

Everyone loves a little extra space in their homes. One way to gain space is with expensive additions or extensive indoor renovations. But a much more economical way to add to your living space is to add an outdoor room. Especially here in Atlanta, outdoor living spaces are comfortable for most of the year. Add a standing heater, and you’ve got a year-round bonus room. Outdoor living is a huge trend right now. Add a deck, and you’ll see why!

3. It’s Party Time

A deck is a great place to host a gathering of friends and family. With little more than some comfy seating and a grill, you can turn your deck into party central. There are also lots of options to enhance your outdoor party space. Add a fire pit, some outdoor furniture, or even a misting system for the hot southern summers, and you’ve got a place people will love to gather. And even if you’re not inviting a large group of friends, a deck allows you to enjoy al fresco eating or a leisurely hangout with your family or even by yourself.

When you’re ready to build, repair, or extend a deck, there are plenty of contractors and even handymen who will try to get your attention. Here at TrustDALE, decks are a common source of consumer complaints. We’ve seen too many cases of shoddy construction, code violations, and outright scammers. Choose a TrustDALE Certified company! 

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