It can be frustrating when you can't make any headway with a business. Weeks or months of stonewalling can get you feeling like you've been had. However, the people you speak to are humans, and there's definitely a human element to getting help. Sometimes, a little kindness goes a long way.

A Defective Part

A while back, Amber purchased a replacement part for her car. But when she installed it, she found that the part was defective. So she did what anyone would do. She returned to the auto parts store where she bought the part. She explained the situation, and they were able to swap out the defective part for a new one. Amber thought her problem was solved.

But when she tried to install the new part, she found that it too was defective. At this point, Amber didn't want another part. She just wanted her money back. So she returned to the store for a refund.

No Refund

When Amber asked for a refund on the second defective part, she was less successful than the first replacement. The clerk asked for her receipt, which she no longer had. But she had the part, and certainly, the store should have some record.

Here's where our first TrustDALE tip comes in. We know receipts can be hard to keep track of. If a store offers email receipts, always get one. Emails don't disappear, and they are easy to search. But don't use your regular email address. Once a retailer has your email, they will bombard you with unwanted updates, promotions, and offers. Instead, create a separate email account just for receipts and other services you don't want to clog your inbox. Use that address to get a digital receipt that you will always have when you need it.

In this case, Amber did not have a receipt, and the store clerk wouldn't budge. That's when she called TrustDALE.

A Pleasant Conversation

One of our producers decided to give the store a call. We spoke to the manager and learned a little bit more about Amber's transactions. First, we started by maintaining a kind, pleasant tone with the store manager. And that's our second tip. No one likes to be yelled at. But when you can speak to someone in the way you would want to be spoken to, a kinder element can rise to the surface.

In most cases, people want to help other people, especially when they feel they are being treated fairly. That was the case with the store manager. He was eager to help. But here's where things get a bit sticky, literally.

It turns out that one reason Amber couldn't get her money back was that the employee who had processed her initial replacement was no longer employed at the store. The employee had a bit of a problem with stick fingers, and may have actually processed Amber's return and pocketed the money.

The store manager was able to help out and get Amber her money back. She still needs the new part for her car, but at least now she has the money to buy it. And that's how TrustDALE gets it done!

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