A while back, we brought you the case of RV owners Pamela and Dominic. They keep their RV at a park, as many owners do, and are away from it for long stretches. However, unlike many RV owners, they still keep an eye on their RV while they’re away.

Caught On Tape

Most RV owners don’t really know what’s going on with their vehicles while they are away. But Pamela and Dominic do. That’s because they have motion-triggered security cameras that record when someone enters their RV. And what they found was just appalling.

Pamela and Dominic hired a company to fix the water heater on their RV. They were told that all the work could be done from the outside, with no need to enter the vehicle. So they were surprised when their security cameras caught footage of the repair workers entering their vehicle and snooping in all the drawers and cabinets.

A Lackluster Response

According to Pamela and Dominic, the repair workers stole a pair of heirloom diamond earrings. But when they reported the incident to the owner of the RV park who oversees the repair workers, he declined to take action. When we confronted him, he told us that the workers are innocent until proven guilty, and he felt no need to do anything unless they were found guilty in a court of law. He also confirmed that he never ran a background check on his workers, but he believes they are honest.

We think that’s ridiculous. And so Pamela and Dominic. Even if the workers didn’t steal anything, they were caught on tape going through a customer’s personal belongings. That should be enough to get them fired. Eventually, based on the footage from the security cameras, the workers were arrested. However, they are currently out on bail. And at least one of them is still employed at the RV park and still working on and in people’s vehicles.

A Weird Excuse from the Accused

When the appointed court date arrived, TrustDALE was there. The defendants entered a plea of not guilty. A date was set for a trial, and we look forward to finding out what the resolution will be. In the meantime, TrustDALE took the opportunity to interview one of the accused workers. We wanted to get his side of the story, too.

Not surprisingly, he claims he didn’t steal anything. He also claims to have no criminal record. However, we found through court documents that twenty years ago, this worker was found guilty of purchasing property with a bad check. So that is the first lie. When we asked him why he was inside the RV in the first place, he told us that he had to go inside to ensure that when he primed the water heater, water wouldn’t escape from a leak and into the RV. He claimed he was avoiding a mess and water damage. 

But that doesn’t explain why he was rummaging through Pamela and Dominic’s personal property. And this is where things get weird. The defendant claimed that he was awed by their personal property, and had to take a look for himself. He was simply curious and was amazed by how much “crazy stuff” he saw in there. That sounds like a serious violation of trust, and even if the workers didn’t steal anything, it should have been enough to get them fired.

We’ll stay with this story and update you when these shady repair workers finally have their day in court.

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